May 4, 2015


Arlington 1st Ward


Elder BJ Price



Yall know already that my trainer is Elder Price. He had been telling people that for the past few weeks so now everyone thinks he has the power of prophecy haha. Texas is awesome and the member are awesome and the people are awesome. They LOVE to talk!! So I inherited like 13 recent converts, Less actives and 3 investigators and an eternagator (an investigator that is pretty much a dry Mormon).

Day numero uno, we got to the Apartment, I kinda got settled in then we went to go see Mike. Mike is an RC so we went over to check on him. He has an awesome testimony! on the way to Mikes, we taught 2 street lessons and by we I mean elder price. That was pretty cool. we are only allotted 900 miles a month so this month we have like 29.03 miles a day or something like that so we bike A LOT!!

The Members in this area are so awesome. We have had dinner in a members home everyday and I've been told that's how it goes... Imma gonna be fat!! But really, I have gained like 4 or 5 pounds since entering the MTC so this will be fun.

We teach soo many street lessons because all of our plans fall through so we just bike and teach. So for the 4 days that I have been here, we have already made it into the top 3 days of E. Prices mish. We have taught 17 street lessons, 4 dinners, placed 13 BoMs and ran out of pamphlets. Elder price says that I don't need to be trained because I came pre-trained, but I beg to differ haha!!

Yesterday was stake conference and it was second only to the conference with elder oaks!! It was pretty much about missionary work the ENTIRE time. They are fired up for the work of salvation!! Also yesterday, after dinner our apointments fell through, again, so we went tracting. Again. And we ended up teaching 4 lessons and placing 4 BoMs. One of the lessons has a cool story:

This particular place we had walked by and ridden by a few times already and everytime I thought, "maybe we should go in there" then we would see someone and talk to them instead. Last night after an app fell through we were walking by. I stopped and said "have you felt something everytime we have walked by this place?" elder price said yeah. So we started walking up the street. Lo and behold, a white cloud decended upon us and said-- haha jk not really. But seriously, we were walking down the street and we saw a family out so we went and talked to the father. after a few minutes of everything going great his dad stepped out and started talking to us and the first question he asked was, "What is God's name?" instantly I said "Eloheim." He looked at me and said "No." In my head im thinking either he is wrong or every thing I know is a lie (not really its just an expression). I ask him what it is and he sent me to a few bible references. I am mentally preparing my self for the bible bashing that I am confident is coming. However, he didn't!!! he just was showing us how God and Jesus loves us and about the second coming and stuff.. It was really suprising. Come to find out he and his family are Jehovahs Witness. So naturally, we placed a copy of the Book of Mormon and a restoration pamphlet.

i don't know what will come of that one being placed or the other 12 but eventually something will happen.

At our eternagators app, we were almost done with the lesson and i could tell that she was totally ready for baptism so i flat out said, "Faye, you're ready. Let's pick a date tonight, think about the date, and we will help you get ready." I flat out said that it was like the first thing i said. She compromised for the next week to set her date, i wished we wouldn't have but she has a say in it too. but that was an awesome experience.

Oh my goodness i wish i could tell yall in person but i cant cause id have soo many stories and its only been 4 days!!

I love you guys so much and you guys are all awesome! I will be able to call on the 10th and it will be around 2 o clock UT time according to E. Price.. I look forward to your emails, letters and voices!!!! i keep yall in my prayers!!!!! :):):):):):):):)

Your missionary, Elder Jefferies


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