June 22, 2015


Arlington 1st Ward


Elder BJ Price

And His Soul Delighted in Fatness

Hello hello hello from the Heights of Arlington!

This week has been very busy, very slow, and very full! First off, I
have had so much food! Like it's crazy and probably unholy... We had a
dinner and we were fed like we were at Christmas dinner... We
literally had to eat until we passed out. Ok, maybe not until we
passed out, but we were seriously struggling. But we went and taught a
beast of a lesson right afterwords which turned out so great! But we
have been fed so much that Hal of the days this week I seriously
didn't even have breakfast or lunch I was so full!

Second, we are currently teaching five investigators with baptismal
dates. Last week we only had three. This weeks baptismal dates are the
exciting ones. The first one, the Book of Mormon referral. We taught
her the Plan of Salvation and we just asked her if she would be
baptized by someone holding the priesthood authority of God. She said
yes and we set a date for the 11th of July. Pretty dang sweet I'd say!

Then there is the Bible referral, he too has a date set for baptism.
It is the 18h of July! It's so crazy to see the difference in this
guys life since we started to meet with him. He loves reading the Book
of Mormon as does the other referral.

It's so cool to see the change in people's lives!

The past little while I have found myself realizing that while the
mission is about the investigators and the people we teach, but it is
for me. It is so that I can learn how to become better. I look at
myself, where I am and where I was and from my stand point, I don't
really see a huge difference. But I know that it will be like the way
I found my testimony of The Book of Mormon. Which, I'm not sure I have
ever told y'all that story.

Ok so it was actually in the MTC. We were practicing placing a copy of
the Book of Mormon when I stopped and I needed to ask myself. Can I
really say that I know this book is true? How do I know that it's
true? I mean, I know that I believe I know it's true but how do I know
I know? After a little while of pondering this, I realized that my
testimony and knowledge has grown steadily and has come gradually.
Over years of scripture reading, songs, church and other spiritual
events. I realized that I am my testimony. I would not be the person I
am if the Book of Mormon were not true. I knew that I can sit in
someone's front room And tell them with all the conviction of my
heart, that the Book of Mormon is in fact the word of God? I came to
the conclusion that I can.

The Book of Mormon was translated by the authority and power of God. I
have felt a peace reading that book that I have not felt come from any
other book that I have ever read. That number is not a few. I can
testify to you, with all solemnity of my heart, soul, and being, that
the Book of Mormon is true. Joseph Smith saw and heard both God the
Father and Jesus Christ in the sacred grove. I know, that the very
organization that Christ Himself organized while on this earth, has
been restored in these latter days. I know that Christ, being the
mightiest of all, came down to earth to set the example, and moreover
to atone for our sins. To die. To rise up, and live again on the third
day. To suffer all manner of afflictions to know how to help us
through whatever we may beep feeling. He knows you personally. There
is no mistaking that. He loves you. Heavenly Father loves you. I can
promise you that.

I love you guys so much! I miss y'all. Y'all are so awesome! I really
mean it! I'm sorry that this email is shorter than my last one but I
have more pictures this time!

Love your missionary brother and son, Elder Jefferies


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