July 6, 2015


Arlington 1st Ward


I'm so sorry Elder....

Dear family!

This week has been a very tiring and productive one! We have been striving to have a member present at each lesson, it has taken a lot of effort on our part and some sacrifice on the wards part but we did it last week! It has been rather stressful at times; the hour previous to the appointment roles around and we still cannot find an exchange, but we always manage to find someone. Lessons seem to go great nevertheless and we are making headway in this area.

This week we found which hospital Michael (the bible referral) was in and it turns out it is in our area! We hurriedly found a double exchange for Tuesday because he has very limited visiting hours so we tried and tried and we got an exchange worked out for it. He still wants to be baptized and he is pushing strong still quoting scriptures like mad too! We love Michael, he has added to our testimonies of our Saviors love and infinite atonement.

We also discovered an issue with Olevia (Book of Mormon referral). Her husband is of a different faith and that is making a couple things difficult for her so we need to postpone her date until she can pray about it and receive an answer. Other than that she is sooooo golden (Prepared by the hand of the Lord)! She already fasts properly, she has been living the Word of Wisdom (She quit coffee cold turkey), she lives everything and is keeping every commitment we invite her to keep plus she is reading the Book of Mormon even though it's hard for her to understand!

A couple weeks ago the Hoff's, a retired couple in our Ward, were made Ward missionaries! They are seriously some of the coolest people ever! We called them fifteen minutes before an appointment last night because we couldn't find anyone and we have been using them a lot lately but they still showed up ready to teach! They are really the most solid exchanges ever! And on top of that, brother Hoff can fix bikes like no ones business! They also make some of the best food I have had on my mission.

Saturday morning we helped out with the Arlington Fourth of July parade. We had to wake up at four so we could go get the Spanish elders. We decided we would hit up McDonald's for breakfast. I got a couple breakfast burritos and ordered a hot chocolate. I got the burritos but because the person taking the order didn't understand English very well they gave me an iced coffee.. Not sure how they got iced coffee from hot chocolate but whatever. So they made me a hot chocolate and I asked if they could put hazelnut creamer in which cools it down and makes it delicious! There was only one problem... Their creamer doesn't cool it down. I took a sip and spit it out again from a reflex haha it was hot. I burned my tongue and its still pretty burned haha but it gave us all something fun to laugh about at five in the morning hahaha!

Elder price and I are an awesome companionship, we do have our fair share of bickering and disagreements as well as the little things that bug each other. For instance, I make random noises as we all know and Elder Price gets somewhat annoyed haha, I like music like motab and piano guys, he likes EFY music and will turn off motab, I like the temperature in the apartment around 71-72 degrees while Elder Price likes it about ten degrees below that and we both will change the temp control thingy. He always wins so I wear my hoodie, a pair of socks and get under two blankets when I sleep haha but all is well!

Last night I cut my hair all by myself and I even did the back pretty well! The only thing was I needed help fading in my left side, I could probably do it if I had a couple of mirrors but I asked Elder Price if he could fade it for me. He did a really good job! He was going at it then he stopped and said, "Oh shoot. I am soooo sorry Elder..." I thought it wasn't that big of a deal then I saw the picture. Elder Price had missed the the comb completely and took a chunk of my hair out. I now have a bald spot on my left side haha. I'm going over to the zone barber, Elder Sikaleti, today to see if he can do anything. If he can't, no worries hair grows back! :P

Yesterday was fast Sunday and because I was having issues feeling impressions I fasted for help recognizing and understanding the feelings and thought that I had. I also felt that my teaching skills had digressed a little so I fasted for that as well. I was sitting in sacrament meeting listening to the testimonies, pondering the past week, flipping through my scriptures and thinking about how I can improve everything as well as why I felt like my fast wasn't being effective. Out of nowhere a scripture came to mind. Can you guess which one? It was Proverbs 3:5-6: "Trust in the Lord with all thine heart and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him and he shall direct thy paths." At first like kinda shrugged it off cause that scripture comes to mind a lot and I thought it was just a random occurrence. Then I thought about it more and the more I thought about it the more it made sense. Of course I should trust in Him! He has been through everything that I have and will gone through and as long as I a, doing the right thing and trying my best He will make up for my shortcomings! That was only half the answer. Last night in our lesson with Olevia and the Hoff's brother Hoff said that the human mind can only focus on one thing at a time, you can multitask but you aren't giving your complete focus on one of those things. Because of that, wherever our thoughts are there our heart is also (I know there is a scripture for it but I'm not sure on the reference to it.). It came down like a hammer, to use the wordage of a member of our Ward. Everything I had learned so far was just kinda thrown back into place. It's kinda like going to a chiropractor. You go get re aligned but then a week or two later you're out of whack again. It is the same with the gospel and our lives! That is why we need the sacrament and to go to church ever week. We need to go to Christ and he will help us get our lives back in order. Never feel discouraged if you feel that you have done wrong or feel like you aren't where you should be spiritually. Everyone has those days! We are all human and subject to the natural man. Even missionaries get discouraged! I read an article in the April Ensign and it really helped me understand the difference between weakness and sin which can be a really hard thing for all of us. It is entitled "It isn't a sin to be weak" and it is awesome! There is another article in the it that is also amazing from the same issue and it is entitled "The Saviors Selfless and Sacred Sacrifice" by the late President Boyd K. Packer. It is awesome.

This church is true. The gospel has truly been restored thought the prophet Joseph Smith. The Book of Mormon is the word of God as is the Bible. Thomas S. Monson is Gods Prophet here on the earth. Revelation will come if we open our minds, hearts and souls. I know that Jesus Christ is the living Son of God.

Keep the Faith and Hurrah for Israel!

Love, Elder Jefferies


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