July 13, 2015


Arlington 1st Ward


hey hey hey

Dearest family!

This week has been a great week for the Arlington first Ward! This
area has just been on fire! We found two new investigators this week,
we have four on line for baptism, and we still have a bunch of people
were teaching. Appearantly we are on the top 8 Companionships! We
didn't feel that this past week was all that great but apparently it
was pretty good which has me excited for next week cause it's looking
even better for next week!

So Michael is out of the hospital which is awesome! We can now teach
him without crazy people everywhere haha. We reset a date for August
1st and hopefully I will be here. Transfers are next week so we'll see
if I get to stay or not! I hope I get to see Michael get baptized. He
is an
amazing guy. He reads and loves the Book of Mormon plus he is keeping
all of our invitations except for coming to church which stinks
because you kinda need to do that haha but he will come!

Olevia is doing amazing! She is living everything and keeping all
commitments we have left her! She, however, she was out of town so we
couldn't really get her to church. But next week! Some issue are
getting in the way of her baptism right now nevertheless she is
determined to be baptized!

I wish I could share with y'all what I see and do all the time but
sadly, I cannot. I am also so sorry that this email is so short! I
didn't have a whole ton of time today and I don't really know what to
say love y'all and I love seeing your pictures and your

Love your missionary son and brother, Elder Jefferies


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