January 15, 2019


Provo MTC


Elder Tanner Christensen

Week 4: Preparing for the Midwest

Hey Everybody!! Hows everything? I wanna hear from y'all so shoot me an email!!

Tuesday: Played Chess a lot. Got locked out of the dorms. Went to a devotional given by Jean Bingham.

Wednesday: Had TRC with Hunter that went really well. Got 22 new missionaries in our zone so that's cool. Had practice with rejection. We met some of the other missionaries going to Arkansas.

Thursday: Had TRC with a lady named Cindy. She is so ready!!! We talked about SO much in the 25 minutes we had that we didn't even realize that time had gone by. I got to see Kenny Godfrey, one of my counselors from EFY so that was amazing!!! Sister Powell gave us a Japanese lesson. We learned how to sing "I am a Child of God" in Japanese.

Friday: We learned about concerns for the mission. We had TRC with Hunter again. We had a really good lesson about Christ's Ministry and the Book of Mormon. I've lost like 10-15 lbs here at the MTC. We had another Japanese lesson tonight.

Saturday: We met with Cindy again. That went very well! We talked about the Restoration and the Book of Mormon. We played Hangman as a Zone Activity which was fun. We wrote letters for our future selves. Cant open it until July 12th 2019.

Sunday: Had interviews with President West which went well. He then talked to me about the importance of being Travel Leader and to make sure everyone is accounted for. We went to the Provo temple which was cool! Had a Departure Devotional which was cool. We watched "The Testaments " which is a good movie. Played some chess with the other districts.

Monday: Went to the clinic that morning. We got a bunch of tips and advice for when we get to the feild. We took some pictures with Bro. Abadillo. Had our last class with Sister Powell and Sister Maughn. Did a Q and A with them. They told us mission stories. Sister Maughn served in my mission si that's cool! We took some pictures with them. All the Phoenix elders packed up.

Tuesday: The Phoenix Elders left and so we have the whole day to pack.

Email me please! Here's the new address:

1004 Beau Terre Dr Ste E502
Bentonville AR 72712
United States

I wanna hear from y'all! Send emails and pictures. I got all day!

Pic 1: Pic with Sister Powell and Sister Maughn
Pic 2: Pic at the Temple
Pic 3: Pic with Bro. Abadillo
Pic 4: Pic with Kenny
Pic 5: District Picture


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