January 1, 2019


Provo MTC


Elder Tanner Christensen

Week 2 :Life in Training

Last Monday: P-Day, Me and Elder Christensen geeked out talking about anime and webtoons for like 2 hours. We watched "A Christmas Carol". It was weird. My family sent me a box of Krispy Kreme doughnuts!! That was amazing!! 👌

Tuesday: We watched "Broken Horse Christmas". David A. Bednar came to speak to us and it was amazing!! Got to Skype the fam for a little bit. We watched "Its a wonderful life" which I wouldve rather died than watched. I was so bored during that movie. David Archuleta came and sung to us that night! I got a picture and a clip of him singing.

Wednesday: 1 official week. It snowed!!! I took like 100 pictures literally. We met with a investigator named Pam and that went really well. I saw Rebecca Burton and we took a picture with her. (Dont got it yet tho) At lunch they had ice cream which I freakin decked out!!

Thursday: We taught a new investigator named Madisyn. She's pretty cool but she had a lot of questions about life. It went well.

Friday: Theres still snow. We did service by cleaning 4 flights of stairs in a training building. We had our last lesson with Pam. She said she wanted to read the entire Book of Mormon before we even committed her to anything which was pretty cool!

Saturday: I got sick and so I got medicine and had to stay in the dorm most of the day.

Sunday: We had church which was good. That night we had a devotional and some famous LDS singers came which was awesome!! We had the "Passing Down of the Guys Stick" Ceremony (a stupid fun thing we came up with to cure our boredom) where we handed down the Guys stick to the new District Leader. It was hilarious!! Elder Lammi got it on Tape. We went to watch Legacy. We got back and started playing Chess in the dorm.

Monday: Our TRC didn't show so we went on a Rooftop Plaza. I ice skated in my boots and it was fun. We walked around in the snow for a bit. We played basketball and volleyball during exercise time. I got a package from my mom. I stayed up till 2019!!!

MVP of the week is my mom for sending me a "Snack Chest".

Also there are a lot of people who don't have my email so please give them mine or email me theirs. Its

Elder Carter Arnold
Jan 16 AR-BEN
2005 N. 900 E Unit 269
Provo, UT 84602

I got all day to email so y'all hit me up!
Pic 1: All the snow
Pic 2: My Ice Cream
Pic 3: Our Ice Skating area on the roof
Pic 4: David Archuleta
Pic 5: Snack Chest
Pic 6: MTC Christmas at night


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