December 24, 2018


Provo MTC


Elder Tanner Christensen

Week 1: Starting at the MTC

Hey Everybody!! This is my first mass email so bear with me.

Wednesday: Jacob dropped me off at around 12:30 PM. I was super excited. An Elder met me and helped me with my stuff. His name was Elder Kelly. He's going to France. After I got everything organized I went to the room and put my stuff up. There were dudes everywhere! I was like how the freak am I gonna find my companion?! Long story short he was a few hours late and I had to show him around and explain some stuff. Our district has 4 Elders(Guys) going to Arkansas and 2 Sisters (Women). We have a total of 11 people in District 35A.

Thursday: We ate some MEAN Breakfast Burritos!!! We had an overview and did some Book of Mormon reading. We had free time for a while so the 4 of us, Me, Elder Christensen, Elder Flynn, and Elder Cantrell all talked in our dorm. Elder Cantrell is the District Leader meaning he's in charge of all of us. He's pretty cool.
Friday: We woke up at 6am to do service. Me and Elder Christensen dumped trash on 4 stories of apartments. Later that night I had a BAD comeback with my Acid Reflux and went to talk to Dr. Brown. I have been given a list of many things I can't have now, including Milk, Soda, Chocolate, and anything Fried. I have been given medicine for it.

Saturday: We went to more classes and worked out in the gym. It was pretty lit. Not much happened then.

Sunday: We had Church at 8:30 am. It was pretty good. We had a devotional from a guy whose name I can't remember but he spoke good. We watched a movie called "Character of Christ " that night.

Today is PDay but it will usually be on Tuesday. Email me before tonight so I can chat. Please do not respond directly to this message. Also here's some pictures. I'll be here for 4 weeks so please send me some letters and packages.

Also there are a lot of people who don't have my email so please give them mine or email me theirs. Its

Elder Carter Arnold
Jan 16 AR-BEN
2005 N. 900 E Unit 269
Provo, UT 84602


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