February 27, 2018


Vancouver West


Elder Ferris


Yes we are on bikes. The week before Transfer news came out, we knew we were going to get a new vehicle, but we thought it was going to be a Nisson Rogue. SO that was a little bit of a let down. We sure had fun with that car though with our last few days. It snowed a little bit monday night, leaving about a half inch in the church parking lot. Sadly, as we were leaving the parking lot, the car slide into a curb. (I wasn't driving and I don't think it was an intentional slide) We thought we had gotten away safely, no damage to the car... until we got down the street about half a mile. The car started to shake and you could hear the road a lot more than normal. So we pulled into a side street, gave the vehicle coordinator a call, put the spare on, and drove it slowly to firestone. That day was a lot of fun. It started snowing as we were changing the tireand kept snowing for the rest of the day. We helped a member move in to his new home, with the snow, there were a few people slipping on the snow but no one got hurt bad. just some sore mussels. and that night, after the snow started to stick to the ground, we got stuck dropping off the van 3rd elders at their apartment. they live in a valley thing so it's up hill no matter where you go.

The member we live with ask for help restringing a guitar, I might learn to play...


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