October 21, 2019


Winslow, AZ


Elder Miller

Group Email 10/21/19

Hello everyone! I am happy to have you here once again in Winslow, Arizona. The weather here has been cooling down as of recent, but the work has been heating up! Things continue to go great and we have been keeping busy. So many appointments and other things that have been going on have kept us on our feet! But that makes the work fun, and miracles are bountious. Not too much out of the ordinary has happened this week, except I had my first experience branding cattle! Wow that was pretty intense haha but I enjoyed it. I'll drop some pictures below. We also had the opportunity to speak in church this last Sunday! That was great, I hadn't spoke in a while and a few people told me that what I had to say was exactly what they needed to hear! So that was a testimony builder for sure. But other than that it has been a pretty normal week! Elder Miller and I have been having a ton of fun and have been doing great. This week I was studying in 2 Kings 1, it was really neat to me the story of Elijah being translated, and I was impressed with how Elisha asks for a double portion of his spirit. Sometimes to get the blessings we want, all we have to do is ask. I have a strong testimony that God has a warehouse full of blessings waiting up in heaven just for his children to ask for them. I also thought it was funny at the end of the chapter how Elisha curses a bunch of kids and they get eaten by bears hahahaha. Here is my joke for the week. Why do bees have sticky hair? Because they use honeycombs!

Elder weaver

904 w Hillview
Winslow, AZ 86047


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