August 19, 2019


Window Rock, AZ


Elder Housely

Group Email 8/19/19

Hello everyone! It has been a good week this week, and I am pleased to report for the Navajo Times. We had the blessed opportunity to traverse to Chinle this week to attend and help with a flea market booth! That was a lot of fun, it is a very rezzy place! Way more rezzy than here in Window Rock haha. But we had a good time! For our district council this week, we had another funeral. Very sad to see another missionary die, this is my 4th in 4 transfers someone in my district is going to the other side. But we had a good time with that and had a fantastic lunch. We also were able to participate in a video conference call with people from Salt Lake that work on the Area Book Planner app! It was a neat experience, we were in the call with a companionship from the Netherlands and one from Page! That was pretty neat to see how we are impacting the app and how it will go in the future. We had a BBQ with a member in the other ward this week, because we helped him build his patio, and I had the honor of being grill master for the burgs and dogs. We had the chance to go to a babyshower for someone we are teaching and had a great time there, and they fed us steak and a bunch of stuff so that was delightful. Another blessing that we received this week was a new family we started teaching! They showed up to the garden meeting on Tuesday and we set up an appointment for Saturday! We went over and talked about the garden they want to put in, and then taught them about the Book of Mormon and how important it is. It is a single mother of 5 and they received it well and were very receptive and listened while we were teaching! We have pretty high hopes for them (splish splash). But this week has been great. Today I just want to talk about everything I am grateful for. I am so grateful to be a missionary and to serve the Lord. I am grateful to be serving in Window Rock and I'm grateful for the amazing members and nonmembers I have built relationships with. I am grateful for the missionaries I have the chance to serve around and those I have met. I am grateful for the moon. I am grateful for president and sister Ackerman. I am grateful for all of you at home supporting me, my amazing friends and family. Why should you be friends with a mushroom? Because he will be a fungi!

Elder weaver


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