December 17, 2018


Page, AZ


Elder Hansen

Group Email 12/17/18

Hello everyone! It so good to be able to write to all of my fans once more. Please join me on this exciting journey we call life. And oh boy this week has been another rollercoaster. We had our zone conference this week in tuba city and it was amazing! They fed us a nice "Christmas dinner" lunch which was fantastic and filling. Then we came back home to good old echo cliffs branch and we had our Christmas party! It was such an amazing turnout there was more than 100 people there! We filled the entire cultural hall/chapel with tables and people and there was tons of food and they sung Christmas songs in Navajo! Oh yeah and not to mention Santa took a break from his busy life at the north pole to come visit us down here in bittersprings. The next day I had an exchange with one of my zone leaders and I was staying down here at home and I was driving! It feels so good to drive again Haha and we got some good things done and saw miracles! We were able to get into a home that I hadn't had a lesson with before and we opened up their shell! By the end both the husband and wife had been in tears and the spirit in there was as thick as molasses. I love that elder he's a good guy and I hope to see him when he's home. The next great thing that happened this week was we had a hot chocolate stand for light the world at the gap! We gave out free hot chocolate and candy canes and we hooked up a TV and we were able to play all the light the world videos on it. It went so well and was such a success! We probably had around 30 people stop by it which isn't bad. As we were cleaning up the stand, the assistants to the president called us. They told us that we would be training this next transfer! It made me super excited Haha they are really trusting us with this Haha we are both so young mission wise and this is a big responsibility. The next noteworthy thing was transfer calls... ouch. Both elder Hansen and I highly expected to stay in echo cliffs and to be trio training, but I guess God had a different plan for us. Elder Hansen was informed that he would be leaving, to Polacca NM, and he was heartbroken. He really really wanted to stay for at least one more and especially through Christmas. It was a sad day. I've loved elder Hansen and we have gotten along really well and done some really good things here in the land of milk and honey, but his time here has come to a halt. And it came to my realization that i will be training alone. That thought has really driven me for the last couple of days. I am really excited for this opportunity to shape and train a new missionary fresh off the press! But it is a lot of responsibility. With me just having finished my training and me now taking over this area, being the designated driver, and training Haha president is really trusting me and expecting a lot from me and I won't let him down! Miracles will not cease here and we will do more than has ever been done! But it is a little stressful and it's a lot on my shoulders! Encouraging words in the form of emails and written letters would go a long way right now! And it also would be very kind to send stuff for my next companion too since he will have nothing Haha and it is just about Christmas. This area is amazing and I'm glad I get more time with it. And if I've said it once I've said it a million times, the members here are phenomenal. They show us so much love and support, and a lot of the time it's in the form of material gifts and food and it is much appreciated Haha. They are willing to go so out of the way for us and do so much to make it so we can do the best work we can. It has been a blessing serving in this area, and it will continue to be, and it has been a blessing serving with elder Hansen and I am sad to see him go. I know that the Lord has a plan for each of us and he knows what's best! I know that Christ is the light of the world and we can do so much to illuminate everything around us with his light, there are so many little and cheap ways this can be done and I hope you all are doing well with it. God loves each of you individually, and knows of your circumstances and wants you to follow him. I also want to mention and say happy birthday to my 2nd mom Lisa today! She has been so amazing while she's been in my life and has loved and supported me through everything! Today must be her 33rd birthday I believe hahaha. Thank you for all you've done for me! Alright to wrap this package tightly and put on the bow, here is my joke of the week. Why do missionaries have really large bladders? They only get one P day a week!

Love Elder Weaver


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