July 3, 2019




Elsö nép

Hello family and friends! It is finally my first pday and I finally get the share the awesome experience I’ve had in the MTC so far.  I had my first cool experience just at the airport when I was leaving.  The woman I sat next to kept asking amazing questions about what I was doing and what I believed.  She was super interested in temples and I was able to have a conversation with her about them. I also shared a scripture from the  BOM with her and she became super curious about about it and asked if she could read it.  I told her she could have it and she spent the rest of the flight reading from it.  It was an awesome experience because I felt like I didn’t have to do a thing and the Lord had completely prepared her to be introduced to the gospel.  
Well I finally got to the MTC and was immediately immersed in preparing for the work. This has been by far the busiest week of my life and it started from the moment I arrived.  Everyday is already planned to the max for you with classes, workshops, and study times.  I met met my companions because I’m in a trio.  Their names are Gibbons Elder and Eggers Elder( names are backwards in Hungarian). Gibbons Elder is from Gilbert AZ and is super chill but still has a good time.  I think we have very similar personalities.  Eggers Elder is from the Bay Area and is super energetic and goofy. We all get along great. My first day we had a lot of workshops that helped us become better teachers (I’ll give a list of everything I’ve learned so far later). Day 2 and pretty much the rest of the week were the same way.  The only big difference was that I was made district leader already which is exciting. It basically just means that I’m responsible for getting everyone to the right place at the right time which can be kinda hard sometimes since we’re so busy haha.  Overall, it’s hard to explain the MTC. The days are super long and taxing but in a good way if that makes any sense. Everyday I learn so much both about Hungarian and about my testimony.  I can testify that the gift of tongues is sooooo real.
My district is full of super funny people so I’ve got a couple funny stories.  Not all the stories are from my district tho so heads up.  We’ve coined a new term Strobel Elder came up with for how we feel after dinner.  We call it a case of the MTC quickstep.  Haha that’s definitely a reality here.  Another funny story, There’s a cat that kinda just roams around here that everyone messes with.  There were some elders that got sent home and when we asked what for, we heard it was because they gave the cat the priesthood.  Who thinks of that? Weirdos haha. One last funny story is about a devotional we had because there’s a problem with the elders and sister flirting with each other.  We watched a video of it happening and were asked to comment. An elder stood up and was passed the mic.  The said with a straight face in front of all the elders in the MTC and the presidency of the MTC, “women just cause problems” and sat back down.  No one could contain themselves.  That Elder had some nerve lol.
I’ve learned a whole lot in just a week here so here’s some of the highlights 
-I don’t have the answer to some questions, but I can direct people towards God who does.
-PRAY ALWAYS. This is the Lords work and we should rely on him to direct every aspect of it.  We do that through prayer.
-The character of Christ.  When Christ was betrayed, Peter drew his sword and cut off the ear off one of the guards. Our redeemer and savior had just finished suffering through the largest burden ever to take place in eternity. You would think He’d deserve the care and assistance from others to help him recover.  Christ instead spent the time that he would need to recover to continue the rest of the Atonement to heal others.  Although not as intense, we deal with burdens and trials too.  I testify that if we turn outwards to others through those trials we will come closer to the character of Christ and our burdens will be eased.  See y’all next week!


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