July 8, 2017




Elder Cochran

La Primera Semana de Presidente Alarcon

Hey Everyone,

This week has been good. We have been able to do a lot.

Monday was our the Leaders Council. All the Leaders in the mission went to this meeting. President Alarcón had us come and sit next to him. He talked about a missionary plan that we have as a mission. He said we can carry out miracles and go above and beyond our goals. He asked if the leaders thought we could do it. Then he asked his assistants and I (He called me his Personal Secretary) if we thought it was possible. I of course said yes. Later he had the leaders tell him concerns that they have in the mission.

Tuesday we had our zone conference with him. He had us set goals that we want to accomplish in the next 6 months. My companion and I set a goal of a total of 19 baptisms in the next 6 months. We are slowly building up. I know by doing the small things great things are come to pass. We were exhorted to work with the members because that is the only way to accomplish our goal. From our big goal we made smaller ones to help us get to that point. It is very possible.

Wednesday we had our district meeting and we set several goals. Our goal is to find 4 people through using the members.

Friday we found a family. We are desirous and doing all that we can to complete our goal and with our plan God helps us. One of the members we saw in the street and she waived us over and she said that she had a reference for us. She told us to come to her house that night at 7 o´clock. We did and she went with us to go contact someone she knows. We went and we taught a quick lesson and she agreed to have us come back. Her name is Rosa and she has a daughter named Kiera. When we taught I couldn't stop smiling. I want to help them know for themselves that this is the true Church, that God loves them and because of that he sent his Son. I want them to feel the love of God in their lives and I want them to be able to follow Christ and promise to follow him that they might be closer to our Father in Heaven. We are planning on coming back when her husband and her other son are there. We are also trying to involve more members in the process. We have lots of references right now.


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