July 1, 2017




Elder Cochran

New Mission President

This past week, Cameron's mission got a new Mission President. These presidents typically serve for 3 years without receiving financial compensation. Cameron has been serving as the Executive Secretary to his last mission president, President Riggins from Idaho. On Friday, his new mission president came and is from Peru. He has been serving as a Seventy. This is what Cameron had to say: "The transition has been going well. I am going to have to help him a lot. Almost everything about the mission is new to him, but I am ready to help. He and his wife are awesome. I haven´t gotten to know them too well yet but they are excited to work and have powerful testimonies. They are also really humble and you could not tell that he was a 70 before."
Here is Cam's letter:

Dear Family and Friends,
This week has been a great week!

Monday we finally were able to get los Osuna family married. It finally it went through! They were so happy and they are ready to take upon them the name of Christ a little later today. They have had to wait for more than 6 months to able to be married. They are from Venezuela and moved here about 10 months ago. They met with other missionaries and listened to them for awhile. Eventually they received their answer from God that this Church is the Church of Jesus Christ and decided to be baptized. The only problem is that they were not married. Their baptismal date fell through and we began to help them get married. We had to help them get their visa, get an ID card, find ways to earn money, and get a declaration of marital status. That was only for the temporal side. On the spiritual side we tried helping their daughter make the decision to be baptized. Every time we tried to ask her or do something so that she would participate in the lesson, she would not answer or refuse to do it. Eventually we helped her feel more comfortable her by buying candy and for every question she answered we would give her one. We also invited her to read out loud and she accepted. Eventually we spent a lot of time in fasting and prayer so that the Lord could pour out His spirit on her and allow her the opportunity to change her heart. This week we tried visiting their house but too often we had other things come up in the office which prevented us from doing it. We knew it was out of our hands. Yesterday we received a call from this family saying that the daughter during breakfast said she wanted to be baptized! Today we are going to witness the great miracle that could only be accomplished by the hand of the Lord.

Wednesday we spent the day cleaning the office profoundly in preparation for our new Mission President. We also were able to teach a couple people from Venezuela. They were taught the Restoration of the Gospel and they understood and one of them asked us if all these sects came to be by the bible, their needs to be a religion that teaches the fullness of what is is taught in the bible. We later taught about the Book of Mormon and they accepted to read it and pray about it.

Friday we received our new mission President!!! He saw me and he said Elder Smith, the powerful. You're my Personal Secretary right? We are going to work. Are you ready? He had me answer lots of his calls and had me report to him who called. While we were saying goodbye to President Riggins who hugged me and he said take care of the new President. He will be an awesome President. Take care of him. I am going to help him for as long that I have here. I am really excited for this opportunity that the Lord has given me!


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