June 10, 2017




Elder Cochran

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Hey Everyone,

I hope that all has gone well this week! I have been working hard and trying to get out of the office and teach.

This week we have been focusing our efforts more on finding. Not only on finding but effective finds. It is easy to find someone and get their address but we are looking for those who will accept the gospel. This week we found several people in particular. We had a Family Home Evening with our Elders Quorum President and he invited his neighbors over to meet us. They gave a wonderful spiritual thought. After talking to them for a little I heard the voice of the spirit. He said to me "You represent Jesus Christ. Why don´t you talk about him who you represent more." It was a good reminder. I have been trying to apply the principle that Elder Nelson taught the missionaries about a year and a half ago. He said we should always have Christ on our lips ready to testify of him. We later found a 17 year old guy who wants to know more about our religion. His friend recently got called to serve in England and that gave him a desire to do the same. I feel really good about this guy. He taught a little about the only true and living God. He was taught about what God expects of us. We taught him the basic principles and ordinances of the gospel. When we asked if he was willing to be baptized he said yeah. He was agreed to come to church tomorrow with us. It has been a great experience outside of the office.

Inside of the office has been quite an experience. This week I have been able to receive 14 visas!! Some have waited since February. I spent more than 2000 dollars in payments. Finally we are starting to make some progress!! Later in the week I went to the an office for Migration and they told me that one of the missionaries needs to leave the country as soon as possible or will be deported by the end of the month. Thankfully I was able to work it out. There shouldn't be any problems with that part anymore!

That was the sum of my week,

I Love and Miss you all!

Elder Smith


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