May 27, 2017




Elder Cochran

3rd Group Received

Dear Family and Friends,

This week has been really crazy. We received a new group of missionaries.

Monday we made preparations to receive new missionaries and we ended up staying in the office the whole day.

Tuesday we dropped off some new missionaries in the morning and received them at the airport. We took them all to Presidents house and we gave them their little trainings. During lunch I had to leave to drop off another group of missionaries. We were then waiting for another group of missionaries to arrive when I received a call saying that one of the ones that had already left didn't tell anyone that he was going. I then had to run to the office and get in contact with his stake president and his parents tell them when he would arrive.

Wednesday we were running around a lot. We went to a sector that had been closed down and we had to go to their house cleaned out some of the trash and then bring the area book and sort through it to split it between the two different sets of missionaries who would be working there. After that we helped with the new missionaries´s lunch and and did a couple more little tasks along the way.

Friday we spent the morning giving service to neighbors of several members who live near the temple. One member received inspiration as we shared a small message about the restoration asking if he knows anyone. We went to several houses asking for permission to cut the grass or weeds in front of their house. It was awesome. We invited the whole zone to come and do it. We were able to show the people a little bit of who we are. We got to know 2 people really well. They both want us to pass by. I felt like I was able to give service in a great way. I could help them feel the love of Christ as I served.

We haven´t had a lot of time to leave the office this week because of the craziness that has been going on. Next week we will be able to visit our investigators more.


Elder Smith


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