April 1, 2017




Elder Cochran


Hey everyone!

This week has been very busy. We have had so much work to do as we have been here in the office.

This week we were able to help Hermano Osuna get his visa. The big hurdle is passed us. We gave him smoke detectors to sell. They were lying around in the mission home and we can´t use them so we gave about 25 to sell. If he can get enough sold by this Wednesday, he and his wife can get married on Thursday or Friday, then he and his family can get baptized on this Saturday. We have also been working with Adrian Calle. He now believes the BoM is the word of God and he wants to get baptized the 15 of April. He is coming to conference with us today!! He is such a great guy. He has been prepared by the Lord and it is very evident. Also we have been working with another family named Los Cacuri Merchán. They are so humble and they are an amazing family. They said they want to get baptized on the 29 on this month. They are smart and so receptive. Last week we taught them about the commandment God has for us to take care of our bodies. We taught them how we should abstain from drinking coffee. Without a hesitation they committed themselves to follow the commandments that God gave us. The next time they told us that they had been faithful. Instead of drinking coffee in the morning they drank hot chocolate. Their faith and their humility astounds me. I know that God has a hand in this work. I know that even though he have very little time in the sector he takes care of our investigators. He cares for them so much more than I ever could. I am so thankful to be a part or instrument in the miracles he is directing here in Ecuador. He has shown me a little bit of his hand in this work every day. I am so thankful.

Later we spent time at the ministry. They still weren't very helpful until I about lost it. I told the lady at the counter that I need to know something because this is the 7th time I have come asking about this situation and still nobody tells me anything! I felt like I was about to lose it but thankful they sent me to someone who could tell me what I need to do. They told me how with the new law I was missing a document so I need to get it. In all of this process I learned that it is easier to do it right the first time. I also learned that I need to have more charity towards others. I need to lift them up and think more outside of myself. I have committed myself to start lifting those who surround me more. I can use my words for good.

Elder Smith


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