March 18, 2017




Elder Cochran

En la Oficina

Questions and Answers:
1 Do you get to eat a lot of mangos?: It depends in which sector. My first and second one almost every other day. Right now not so much
2 How is the ice cream down there?: It tastes really good
3 Are you able to exercise? I run sometimes or I use the TRX bands Brother Hymas gave me.
4 What are the souvenirs that most missionaries bring home?: A hammock or a satchel that says Ecuador
5 Are there any foods there you want to make when you get home?: I want to learn how to make Polaca, Seco de Pollo con Maduro, and Lasagna pero estilo de Ecuador

Cameron's letter

Saludos a todos!!

This week has been great in the office and in our sector.

This week we taught Adrian Calle again and we set his baptismal date for April. It is great to see him continue to read the Book of Mormon especially for someone that doesn't like to read. Also we are teaching a Venezuelan family and they are so ready to get baptized. We are still working with the little girl. She is a little shy and hasn't committed to being baptized. Little by little she is opening up. All that the parents lack are 300 dollars to get a visa here to get married. They have been waiting for a really long time to get baptized. They are applying everywhere to find jobs and nothing has come yet. We are working with the Ward Council to help them obtain one and also helping them get the money they need. We helped them move house the other day so that they could pay less here. We believe that in the beginning of April they should be ready to be baptized. We also taught another Venezuelan couple. They are married and they are in their 50´s. They are fantastic. Only after 2 visits she is reading in 2 Nephi. We taught her and her husband about the true nature of God the Eternal Father, his Son, and the Holy Ghost. Then we taught more about how we can have His spirit with us always which is through baptism. The spirit was incredibly strong as we taught. They accepted a baptismal date for the 29th of April. We also taught them the importance of the Book of Mormon and how the spirit will testify to them that it is true. I felt so good leaving the lesson. I have faith that we can accomplish miracles while we are here.
Today in the morning we went to the temple. It was phenomenal. The spirit was strong telling us that this is the house of God. I could feel His presence as I was sitting inside the temple listening to what was being said and pondering it. I put Grandpa Cook´s name on the temple list. I hope that he gets better after this surgery.

Elder Smith


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