March 4, 2017




Elder Oyler

The Newbies

Hey Everyone,

I have had a crazy week. I have had the opportunity to help a lot this week and serve my fellow missionaries.

Sunday night we received all the missionaries that are going home. They stayed in the mission home with us.

Monday we helped with the preparations of the new Elders and Sister that were coming. We had a meeting and a plan of how we were supposed to do it. After all the preparations were done we went to the Airport at 8. We were saying goodbye to the old Missionaries but, then their flight got delayed. When we reorganized again they ended up leaving the baggage drop off at 11:30. We stayed at the airport until about 1:30. We received one of the Elders from our group, and then we waited for the 14 others to come. Once they came we left the airport at around 2:30am I believe. By the time we got everyone in bed and resting it was about 3. I woke up at 6 again to bring the other Elders who were leaving to the airport. After that I went to the office to hurry and print off copies of everyone's passports to bring to the ministry or the foreign relations building. Then we helped everyone get to President's house. When we got there we ate. Afterwards gave brief trainings on important things things the new missionaries need to know. I had to leave early again to help bring a sister to the airport. She was the last one in her group to go but had many converts show up at the airport to say goodbye to her. Afterwards I went back to the office to organize everything for the office for the ministry. Then we helped everyone get back to our house.

Wednesday we had all the new missionaries travel to the ministry with us to register their visas. But while we were their the lines were super long and we waited for an hour and a half. When it was our time we couldn't get everybody to go up with us to the window because they only gave us about about two minutes to get up their. So I will bring them in a different day. Later in the day we were running around like crazy because we had a surprise move that need to happen also and a Sister that came without a name tag to the mission so my companion went with one of the other secretaries to help. There are many other things that happened but I don't have time to explain all of them.

Friday we had a planning session with President with the entire zone. He showed us our numbers as a mission. He showed us how we are working super hard here but if we were to change small things our mission would help many more come unto Christ. He showed us the way we should plan and how not to waste time as we are walking and how to plan the miracles and the contacts that we want to make.

Elder Smith


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