February 25, 2017




Elder Oyler

Here in the Office

I asked him if any crazy things ever happen while serving in the office:
A: Not a lot. It just feels like a party the whole time. We all have fun working together. There are a lot of good missionaries here that are put into the office. They all are great people and it is great to work along side of them and while we are here. I will have to be on the lookout to see if there is anything crazy that is going to happen.
We didn't get a real p-day today. We built bunk beds so that the new people coming this next transfer can have a place to sleep.

Hey everyone!!

Thank you all for your prayers and your support. I have really felt blessed this week.

This week we had a member from my first area come and pick up something in the office. I talked to him a little bit and he was talking about the missionary work in Vergeles. He told me that 2 families and 1 person I was teaching have plans to be baptized and are progressing towards it. I feel so good knowing that! It felt like a relief and a peace when I heard it. Later this week we taught an investigator named Adrian Calle. He is fantastic. He was about to get baptized before but he heard strange things about Joseph Smith. When we were with him he told us that he believed the Book of Mormon was a Book of God and that it was true. We helped him realize that if the BoM is true then Joseph Smith was a prophet of God. We also shared Alma 32:28 during the lesson. He realized the BoM had helped him build his faith in Christ and his experience was very similiar to what was written. I testified that the Book of Mormon was a true book and that Joseph Smith was a prophet. I felt the Holy Spirit testify through my words and what I was inspired to say. It was strong. He told us that he feels really good when we are with him and when we share our message he always feels great. The spirit is working in him. He tells us that he wants to go to church and get to know the members. I believe he will be baptized.

This was the best experience of the week. I hope that you all have a fantastic week and that you have a chance to share the restored gospel or to learn of it this week

Thank you all again,

Elder Smith


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