February 11, 2017




Elder Oyler

The Office Week 2

From our personal letters....I asked him what his new living conditions and ward were like:
My Apartment/Home is so big. It is the place where all the missionaries that are traveling stay. It is a lot different than I thought. My new companions are great.
The ward is great from what I can tell. The members are really awesome. It is very different from Vinces. I am in Ubanor. It has the temple inside of the ward boundaries :)

Hey Everyone,

This week has been really crazy. I will just give a brief overview of what has happened this week. We had all the office members get sick with vomiting and diarrhea this week except for me. We also had almost half the zones in the mission stay in our house for zone conferences. We also helped take them to the temple. We have also had some other things happen.

I with almost everyone sick I was given the opportunity to work a lot and to take the lead. I was helping direct the other zones to the temple and to our house. We also helped prepare their breakfast, lunch, sleeping arrangements, and a couple other things. I was also doing many little tasks. I thankfully each day had someone that I could take with me to work with me. I am thankful this happened because I feel like I was given a great opportunity to step up and work. I feel that I gained the confidence of the office members and also more of President Riggins. I was so grateful I could serve this week. Sorry that my email is so short this week. I has just been really crazy.

Elder Smith


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