February 4, 2017




Elder Oyler


Hey Everyone!
This week has been a little different. I was sent on an transfer to the Mission Office. Here I am the new Secretary for the Mission President. I am in training right now and I am loving it!

Monday after P-day it rained so hard. The streets in Vinces were completely flooded! At around 7:30 in the night I received a phone call from the assistants to the President that I would be transferred the next morning to the Office. I would be the new Secretary to the President!! I was so shocked - and I am sad to say it - reluctant to leave. I felt like we had just started to change our sector and we were starting to find the people that were ready to hear the Gospel. We taught Gloria Villamar a little later. At the end of the lesson we committed her to be baptized at the end of the month!! She said yes without any doubt or question. I know the spirit of the Lord and the Lord have been watching over her and preparing her.

Tuesday I took a 3 hour bus ride from Vinces to Guayaquil and arrived there at around 4. I met my new companions. One is named Elder Oyler from Pleasant Grove Utah and the other is Elder Cochran from Bountiful Utah. They are awesome! Later in the night one of the assistants talked with me about how I felt. Elder Contreras, the assistant, told me that when they were praying about the next Secretary the answer was very clear. He told me that President was trusting me with a lot of responsibility. I was so surprised.

Wednesday, I learned a little more about my job. I am in charge of the passports, scheduling flights, making sure that President's schedule is set and many more tasks. I am almost like the office coordinator. I receive assignments and I give tasks to other office members. I am not higher up on the food chain but I have been trusted with a lot of responsibility. That morning, President told me that I will be here until the new President arrives. I will be his right hand man when he is here and that the new President will need to rely on me to get a hold of things in the office.

Thursday I learned so much more about my position. I am being trained really well. I realized today that in High School something seemed really off. I was given a Freshman class in which we learned about the Microsoft Office programs and also an Accounting class. I didn't pick these two classes nor did I want to take them. I now realize that the Lord had a hand in it. I have to use Excel, Word, and other programs on a daily basis. I also have to learn and understand every other position here in the office, including the Secretary of Finance. I feel that the Lord has given me a step up and a help to start and fulfill this position.

Friday I went to the Ministry to learn more of what I need to do. I also was taught several other things. That night we taught a man named Adrian. He is about 24 years old and is really curious about the Gospel. He has attended a General Conference in Utah before. It was really great to teach him. Later as we were walking home it rained hard. Returning home the rain increased in strength and quantity. By the time we arrive at our house the streets were flooded with about 2 and a half feet of water. Our house almost got flooded. It was about 4-6 inches away from getting flooded. It was crazy!

Scriptures: Moroni 10:7-8, D&C 43:15-16, D&C 128:24, Romans 8:16-17, Alma 42:26, 3 Nephi 9:19-22, D&C 41:5,

Elder Smith


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