January 30, 2017


Vinces, Ecuador


Elder Guzman

Vinces Week 3

Answers to our questions:
1) Are there any differences in the food you eat in Vinces or any new fruits you've discovered:
A: Lots of RICE. There are so many new fruits that I have seen and tried. I have never seen any of these before, Many are only found in Ecuador.

2) How will the new changes for missionary schedules affect you?
A: The majority is that we have more flexibility. We can adjust our schedules to the needs of the day. It is becoming our own agents. We can leave in the morning when there are people but we can also study at 2 or 3 when the majority of the people are sleeping

Hey Everyone,
Thank you for all your love and support. This week was a week of miracles in the people.

Wednesday we taught GLoria Villamar. She has opened up a ton and she is reading the BoM!!! She is asking questions. She is really curios and wanting to know the truth. She told us that the BOM explains everything in the bible. It talks of Christ but it was a lot clearer.

Thursday we taught a man named Luis Felipe. He has a big problem that is very hard for him to overcome. I wont say it at this time . He said he knows that the gospel is true but isn't sure if he can do it. We testified that as long as he strives to change, the spirit can help him apply the atoning power in his life and he can become like Christ.

Friday we taught a lady named Isabel. At first she told us she was Catholic and she would never listen to us. We begged for just one chance to share a message. Her mother said yeah come in! At first she wouldn't sit down with us but later she started to listen. We taught the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and by the end she was very attentive. She told us she would read the pamphlet we left.

Saturday we taught Gloria Villamar. She has opened up so much more. She invited her sister to listen and she also asked us to show her the scriptures that we showed Gloria to her sister. In the middle of the lesson she stopped us and she took the Book of Mormon and read Alma 42 to her sister and just about bore testimony of its clarity and how it talks about the same things in the Bible. She pointed out that we are different. At first she heard we were atheist but we aren't. We focus ourselves in her life and we teach with power and ask questions that make her reflect. This is what she said. I was able to testify of the spirit that inspires us to speak. It was a marvelous change in her.

Sunday we taught a family that we found thanks to the members. We taught them about Christ and who he is. Before they didn't know much but now they are interested. One person had to leave right before we started but we thought she didn't want to listen. To our surprise she said. You will be hear tomorrow right. I want to listen. It was so cool to see!!

Elder Smith


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