January 9, 2017


Los Vergeles, Ecuador


Elder Antezana

New Year in Ecuador

Hey Everyone,

Sorry that I didn't write last week. All of the cybers were closed because of the new year. It was as if the working world stopped in Ecuador.

Tuesday we taught a lot of people. We are having lots of people to contact through lists of people that were invited to the activity in December. Today we had 7 new investigators. It was a great day. We had lots of success and their is a lot of potential.

Wednesday we taught a lot as well. We found 7 new investigators today also. We have a lot of work ahead of us.

Thursday we had a zone conference with our president. It was awesome. I learned more about how I can allow the spirit to testify to the hearts of others. We watched several talks from the general authorities and I learned a ton. One of my favorite quotes was being bold without love is arrogance, but being bold with love is Christlike. I have been trying to apply what I have learned to the work here. There are a lot better results when I do it. It is really awesome. Later we found a really awesome family that is interested in listening to the gospel. They are so great! It is los Familia Etapia Guian.

Friday we had other missionaries from Duran come and help us work. The Elder I worked with, Elder Neciosup, taught me a lot also. He showed me how I can resolve others' problems. Teaching is first listening then observing, then discerning. After, the spirit comes and testifies and puts words in your mouth. As missionaries we should have Baptism between our eyes. We shouldn't be afraid to talk or invite others to be baptized. We were able to place 3 baptism dates because of this!

Saturday was great also. A mini miracle happened. We went to teach a mother of a less active. I had been told that she doesn't want to talk to the missionaries and doesn't like them and won't let them in her house. Regardless, we went and taught. She was at a little distant with us but when we told her we had a message for her and she accepted warmly. As we talked I was guided by the spirit to talk about there being only one true church. She was really interested. We taught her about Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon according to the spirit. He gave her the book and she told us with enthusiasm that she would read it. There are great things happening here!

Sunday we had four investigators show up. One of them in church said that his goal for this year is to be baptized in the church!! We had never talked with him before but as the Ecuadorians say ¡¡El Tiene Pilas!! Later we taught a 17 year old named Betsy. I think she possibly can be receptive to the gospel but we will see.

Scriptures 1 Kings17:10-16, D&C 58:26-33, Matthew 10:32, Moroni 7:40-41, Acts 2:32-36, Luke 1:70, Alma 22:13-14, Mosiah 2:22, 2 Nephi 2:27-28, Mathew 15:2-3, John 10:1-7

Elder Smith


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