December 26, 2016


Los Vergeles, Ecuador


Elder Antezana

Christmas Week

Hey Everyone,
I hope that ya'll had a fantastic Christmas and were able to feel the love of the Savior this week. I hope that all of you were able to remember Him. I felt very blessed this week.

This week I don't have lots of time to write but I will give you the highlights of the week!
This week we found two families that are both phenomenal. One is called Familia Murillo Murillo or Murillo cuadrada as a joke. They are so awesome. They were a reference from another sector asking about where the could attend our Church. They have a relative who is a missionary right now serving in Mexico i think. The first question they asked us was what are the steps to become members or to be like ya'll are. I was floored!!! They are awesome. We invited them to the Ward party and all they wanted to talk about was what the church is like and what are our beliefs. I am so excited to teach them. We also found a Lady named Marisela Moran who is a single mother with two children. She is so humble. In the middle of our first lesson she asked us how is someone baptized. We were stunned! She is awesome as well. I am starting to see the blessings of our work. For a while it has been rough, but now I have faith that we will have a lot more success bringing souls to Christ.

Scriptures Alma 34:8-12, 1 Nephi 17, Matthew 11, Mathew 12, Jeremais 1:5, Mormon 7-9, Moses 1:39, Moises 2:2-16, 2 Nephi 2:6-8

Elder Smith

P.S. Elder Richins told me to tell ya'll that he looks like the new Joseph Smith. You were right mom.


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