November 28, 2016


Los Vergeles, Ecuador


Elder Arenas

Week 17

Hey Everyone!

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and enjoyed their time together. Thanks again for your love and support.

Tuesday we visited the temple with our zone and another zone in Duran. We ate at the temple and it was great. After the session I felt so enlightened. So many things were explained to me. I feel more dutiful to fulfill my covenants that I have made. I made a covenant to act. I know the temple is the house of the Lord and the ordinances are sacred and of God.

Wednesday we had a Zone Conference. It was so enlightening as well. We were told that we were not supposed to teach less actives anymore. Our authority is to find teach and to baptize. The ward's responsibility is to reactivate and retain. We also learned that if we do not teach by the spirit we are teaching darkness. I understand more now that when we make mistakes, Satan is laughing at us. This gives me more motivation to be good and to choose the right. I also learned more about faith. We should set goals that are high and have the faith by doing all we can to complete them. Weekly planning is important for this reason. We plan how we are going to help them.

Thursday I learned more about faith. Faith is a belief and then we act on it. I applied this principle today. We were out contacting because none of our investigators were in their houses. I have the belief that the Lord is preparing someone to hear the gospel but we don't know who. For this reason I contacted many people. Many told me that they don't want to listen or they don't have time. I know the fruits of faith will take time to complete. It will come through diligence and continual faith. We only taught one person today named Rafael. He asked if God is here to condemn us. I showed him John 3:16-17. He was mesmerized. He got his cousin and was so excited to show him. He marveled at this belief that Christ came to save us.

Friday we weren't able to work a lot because my companion got his wisdom teach taken out. Even though he had the surgery we still visited a man named Fernando Ramos. We introduced the Book of Mormon. I felt the Holy Ghost work through me.
Saturday we taught a part of a family that we contacted. We talked with them and they said there are so many different church that say different things. There is only one God so there needs be one true church. We were happily surprised that they made that connection and we talked about it with them. We also talked about how this can help her in times of difficulty. She told us they are passing through rough times as a family and desire our prayers. We had a kneeling prayer and we asked her how she felt. She said she felt peace. I testified that that was the Holy Ghost. I told her that he is listening to her.

Sunday we taught Irvin in the morning. He loves to talk. We tried to teach the Restoration and he was really receptive. We also found an investigator at church. Before he told us he wouldn't change his drinking habits and other things. Now he desires to be baptized. He told us he knows the Book of Mormon is true. He wants to serve a mission. He has been talking with several members and they have helped him along the way. I know that as I continue to have faith and work hard that my Savior will complete his promises. We will accomplish miracles in this ward.

Scriptures; D&C 88:34-39, 43:8-9, 90:11 Alma 32:40, Mosiah 4:6-12, Ether 12:6-18, John 15:11 3 Nefi 1:14-16, John 15:16, 2Nefi 26:20, 2 Nefi 28:3-5, Alma 57:21 25-26


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