November 14, 2016


Los Vergeles, Ecuador


Elder Arenas

Week 15!!

Hi Everyone,

Thank you all for your prayers and concern for me and my health. I have overcome this sickness and am working hard in Los Vergeles.

Tuesday we started off with a district meeting and we did a practice for Bryan. In the morning I had no idea what to study but I felt that I should study faith and the doctrine of faith in Alma 32. During the practice on the spot this chapter came to mind and I was able to explain Alma 32:28 with clarity and the spirit with it having meaning to the investigator. I was filled with the Spirit. I later taught Bryan this principle and it was the same result and we committed him to come to church. We also visited Areli and she told us that she is facing much opposition with her baptism. Her spouse, father, daughter, mother and more are all telling her not to. She still has a desire.

Wednesday We taught Areli the last lesson before baptism. She is so ready. She has made all the necessary changes in her life to be baptized. It will be a great day when she will enter into the waters of baptism. Later we taught a lady named Narcisa Espinoza. She is a less active who fell away because her son in law passed away and she had to help take care of her children. She is very willing to return.

Thursday we had exchanges and I went to Condor. It felt good to work with Elder Alvarez. I learned again how to listen to people. I should listen without thinking about what I am going to do later or about something else but just focus myself in the person. It felt so great to put it into practice. Today we also found out that Areli Wont get baptized. She doesnt want to because of her family. She wants to later in life but not now. We are going to talk to her.

Friday. I had a goal in mind. Focus on the commitments more than the lesson. It gave the lessons a direction. I felt more guided and that I could help so much better this way. I wasn't able to practice it today because our investigators weren't in their houses. I felt a little down because our numbers aren't great for baptisms. My companion reminded me of Abinadi and how he only converted one person yet he wasn't a failure.

Saturday I completed two months in Ecuador. It doesn't feel like it. We walked for about 6 hours because many people weren't in their houses. We visited Narcisa Espinoza and we taught her lesson 1 and she told us she is going to come to church. We also taught a less active family. They are a young couple named Randi Avila and Jennefir Perez. At first I think that they pretended like they weren't home but we persisted and eventually they let us in. We shared a scripture Genesis 18:14. We taught them that nothing is impossible to God. He was very attentive at this point. The spirit was there. We committed them to come to church and they were very willing.

Sunday we visited an investigator named Margot and she is very receptive to our message. She doesn't know a lot about God and cant read either so we had to go slow. Before knowing this I felt a prompting that I should talk about how God has a body. I shared Genesis 1:26 and 27. She was very interested and started asking many questions. I felt good following this prompting. I doubted it at first but I am glad I followed it. Today we had 4 investigators attend with 7 less actives. We waited for Bryan outside his house for about 40 minutes and eventually he came.

Scriptures. Acts 3:19-21, Alma 57 21,25-26, Genesis 18:14, Psalms 5:12, Matthew 5:48, Alma 32:28, Alma 60:21, Alma 61:9

I know this gospel is true. I know that doing the little things help us grow. I know that we only have two choices, follow the savior our reject him. I know that he lives and that one day we will see him. I know that God loves his children. I am so thankful to be in his work. In the Name of Jesus Christ our Savior Amen.

Elder Smith


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