November 7, 2016


Los Vergeles, Ecuador


Elder Arenas

Week 14

Hi Everyone.

Thank you so much for all the support that you give me. I am truly blessed to have your prayers and thoughts. I know I write this every time but I don't know a better way to thank all of you.

Tuesday we had a verification of my progress with the zone leaders. I was asked to teach repentance and I felt empowered by the spirit when doing this. I am so thankful to God for the progress I have made as a teacher and also in my knowledge of the gospel. I give the credit to Him. Later we visited Brian Cedeno. He loves to talk and he is a little difficult to get to commit to do something. He is very receptive but not very proactive in doing. Later we taught an 18 year old. When we first started visiting Daniel Jama he could only talk about his muscles and his bike. Now he pretty much only talk about the scriptures. It's great to see him progressing.

Wednesday we had a zone meeting. They told us that we have the same amount of baptisms as last year and have less people in the mission. But what if we were worthy. It made me ponder and remember that I can do more to have the spirit with me. I can do more to be worthy of the spirit. Later we taught Areli Torres. She is so ready for baptism. She said that her father and sister will come. They are less actives. We will have the opportunity to touch the lives of others. I also asked again to know if the Book of Mormon was true and I received an answer that it is. I can testify that it is true and we can grow closer to God by abiding by its precepts.

Thursday we weren't able to work as hard because I was sick again. I had so much diarrhea. Later we talked with Familia Bone and they only lack a wedding before they can get baptized but they delay marriage every time we go. They are also about to have a baby which complicates things. Still we taught the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Now they understand the importance of baptism and I hope they will get married.

Friday we weren't able to do a lot because a lot of people were on vacation because of the holiday. This forced us to stretch and try to find other people. I was still sick but I tried my best to find. We visited many houses and many were not there. We found several new people to teach and new less actives which was great.

Saturday I was still sick and not feeling great. We still worked. I had diarrhea more than 20 times. Still we taught Osvaldo who is so close to baptism. He has received an answer from God that the BoM is true and he knows he should be baptized but he is waiting for the voice of God to come and give him another answer. Later I took the initiative to ask for references and take advantage of the time we had to find people. I asked 19 people for references. We are striving hard to find people.

Sunday we worked hard in the morning to get people to come to church. Church is now from 3 to 6 . Not many came. In fact only 1 investigator came and we even went to the house of Brian Cedeno to get him and he was not there. I believe this is a blessing and opportunity to grow and to work harder and to dig deeper in the problems they have. I know the Lord will help us do this. I have His promise.

Scriptures. Alma 45:16, Alma 41:10, Exodus 20:7, John 5:30, Ephesians 4:11-14

Elder Smith


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