September 28, 2016


Los Vergeles, Ecuador


Elder Arenas

Week 2!!

Hey Family and Friends!!!

I am so glad that I have the chance to email all of you. This week has been a lot better than the last. I hope there is something in this that can bring the spirit.

Monday was p-day. We didn't do much. We went to the local mall and ate KFC with the rest of my district. It was nice to see the other missionaries and be able to talk with the ones who spoke English. After that we went back and I studied the language. I have been trying to serve my companion more so that we can be more united in our companionship.

Tuesday was my best day. We had interviews with the mission president and his wife. He gave me the advice to share things with my family that are of great worth to me. He also told me that this mission is not just for the Ecuadorians but also for us missionaries and the people we serve with. He told me to edify my companion. I told him I will do that. It was nice to feel the support of the mission. They truly do care for us and I am so thankful they are my leaders. It was funny this day because we had two Jehovah´s witness missionaries knock on our door and try to persuade us to their point of view. It was a little ironic but I had a good laugh.

Wednesday. We had a district meeting in the morning learning how to ask for references. It was great. I learned a lot. We later had lunch and in the square someone was talking bad about Mormons and Jehovah´s Witness´s in the town square. They yelled to the people through the microphone. It was funny to listen to. I could only pick out a few words that they were saying. Right now we don´t have a big group of investigators. We knew we needed the help of the Lord. We prayed that night, in the morning, and right before we left to work to bless us with references. Previously we had been getting 0 or maybe 1 for the past week. That day we received 6. We were so shocked! The Lord answered our prayer in full. All we needed to do was ask with faith, believing and we would receive. It was so cool to see the Lord work in that way. This experience has increased my faith in Christ.

Thursday we taught a 14 year old Boy named Adrian. We taught him the restoration of the gospel. The spirit was so strong. We listened intently and we delivered the message as best as we could. When we talked about Joseph Smith the spirit was so strong. Afterwards he says that he knows the Church is true. That was the best experience was one of the best.

Friday I was on exchanges. I went to a richer part of Guayaquil. The lessons were all so good. We only had 1 that fell through! It was great. All of the people that we met with too had a sincere desire to learn. We later had a person walk up to us asking us about the church and the difference between us and the Evangelicals. My companion talked about the Book of Mormon and I talked about the Priesthood. He seemed really interested and so we got his information and told him that we would have missionaries come and discuss with him about our beliefs.

Saturday I was trying to focus on my work but I just could not. I had the worst headaches that lasted throughout the day. I came to the conclusion that I need to stop thinking about how little I understand the language and have patience and work hard and know that the language will come.

Sunday was decent. 10 minutes before the meeting started I was asked to give a talk on Faith. I was so nervous and I tried to prepare as best as I could but when I got up there I drew a blank and I could barely talk. I could only remember a few things to say and I wasn't sure if anyone could understand or hear what I said. I blew it. - haha! I am glad that I had that experience though because I learned a lot from it. I feel the strength that the Lord has given me and I know I need to endure with patience and lose myself in the work

Thanks to all who have read this letter and thank you all for your support to me

Elder Smith

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Frank Schwartz says:
CAM! You are the man. Keep working hard and keep the faith. Remember, the Lord knows exactly where you are and exactly what you are going through. He also knows exactly what he needs you to do. He won't let you down! Allow yourself to be imperfect and rely on Him, and you will continue to rock it out there. We love you and miss you and pray for you, my man... Keep up the good work...
on September 29, 2016

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