May 21, 2018




Elder Cardenas


Hey Everyone!

The weeks keep on flying by. I can´t believe that we are about to finish the month of May. The time has gone by really fast.

We have been working a lot during this week. We visited two Zones. We went to Vinces and we went to the Kennedy. We saw the needs that they had and we were able to give the Materials that they needed. While I was in Vinces we stopped by one of my converts houses to say hi to her possibly for the last time. When we passed by her house she wasn't there. They told us that she was in the temple and she had gone with her Family. I was happy but a little sad at the same time. I couldn't see her and her family I would prefer that she would be in the temple. I was a little sad that I could not see her and her family.

I am learning a lot with my companion. When there is unity it is so much easier to develop the attributes of Christ. It is a lot easier to have patience, to be humble, to love, to serve, and much more. We can also see others more easily in the way God sees them. We can see them progress. We can find lots of good in these people.

We are starting to implement a plan of how to help other sectors and how to work more in the field. These past weeks we have felt the need to do more and to leave the office. We will see how it goes this week and what adjustments we will make

This is my little letter for this week. I will try to make the next one a little more interesting.

With lots of love,

Elder Smith


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