March 19, 2018


La Kennedy


Elder Findlay


Hola a todos,

This past week has been a good one.
We are doing many "invasions" or in other words we take the zone and we pick a spot in our sector and we go and contact, visit members (actives and less actives), offer service, and other missionary activities.

The new bishopric is good. They are busy but they are willing to help us. It is nice to feel their support and their service. It is completely different than others I have had.
The people in my ward are really good. I have gotten close with several families. I know so many people in this stake. In any stake event I have people from other wards that I recognize or that I talk with. I have been in this stake for 1 year and almost 3 months!!

We have started off contacting all of the references that we were given. Many of them rejected us and many are from other sectors as well. Out of like 50 contacts only 3-4 went through and of those only a 1-2 seem like potentials. We will continue to work to find more. Also many of our investigators that we had won´t or can´t meet with us anymore for various reasons so we are starting from scratch. It is good because it requires work and it pushes me to be better.

As I have been reading the scriptures this week I have been able to ask myself various questions and ponder on the scriptures that I have studied. As I have done so the spirit has been able to allow me to teach with more power and authority. It has given me the ability to not be confounded before men. I love the scriptures and love to study them.

I feel that I am in an extended period of time where I am sick. I have another uñero (ingrown toenail) and continue to get other sicknesses (eye infection and UTI). I know this will all be for my good.

Love you all!

Elder Smith


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