January 29, 2018


La Kennedy


Elder Nina


Hey Everyone,

Briefly I will talk about the week.

We have been trying to find a lot more. We were able to find several families this week. We are working hard.

This next week we should have a baptism of someone that is named Manuel Romero. He is so awesome. He is an electrical engineer. He said he had always had the curiosity about the church and now is preparing to be baptized this week.

We found 4 young people from Venezuela. They are new and allowed us to share a message with them. They had lots of great questions for us and they were interested. We gave them a Book of Mormon and they all said they would read it.

I had a meeting with the Area Doctor and he examined my feet and I told him about what was happening. He told me that he thinks I will get another ingrown. He said the next step will be to take the toenail out so that I can finish my mission in peace.

We found this man named Juan de la Cuadra. He is awesome. He is asking himself of all the churches which is the true one. We taught him the restoration of the gospel and he going to read the Book of Mormon.

We found a lady named Martha Aguirre. She said that she is wanting to know how she can find the church where God is. We shared with her the message of the restoration and she said she would read the Book of Mormon.

Also this week we did a fast where we were asking that God put in our path those that were ready to hear the gospel and accept it. Yesterday a member had brought her neighbor to church. She said she was really interested in learning more. She said she would like to meet with us Monday at 10. We accepted. We met her wonderful family and invited them to be baptized. They accepted on the condition that they receive an answer that this is right for them. (We were told by a 70 that if we are not willing to sacrifice ourselves or even a couple hours on P-day, we won´t ever be able to work miracles. We want miracles to happen in this ward. Today was a miracle!)


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