January 22, 2018


La Kennedy


Elder Nina


This week has been a good but trying week.
We started off by watching the Conference that announced that Russel M Nelson would be the next Prophet. That was such a great experience. We were able to receive such inspired council and answers to questions. Also this day we had just enough time to talk with the Sister Training Leaders to make a Zone plan according to the model of the Area Plan. We had discussed a little bit of what we wanted to start doing.

Wednesday we had a zone conference. It was unexpected because they unexpectedly had asked us to talk about our Zone Plan in front of half the mission. Without having finished it it was difficult. We did the best we could.

Thursday we had started to go to work more. I am with a companion that has not progressed much as a missionary and has struggled. We did our companionship study and I was trying to help him during a practice but what he was doing was not very good. I was explaining to him better ways to do or show the gospel but whatever I said it didn´t seem like he could understand nor apply. Then I had a prompting from the Spirit to tell him to do as the spirit tells him. The spirit will speak to him in a way that he can understand. Then as he did the practice he shared the message in a way that was pentrating and filled with the spirit. After with tears in his eyes I asked him how he felt. He told me that he had felt really good. He got up and hugged and cried thanking me for my help. Later that day we found a person named Jimy. He is someone really prepared. He had talked to sister Missionaries and was given a Book of Mormon and has read all of 1 Nephi. He accepted the invitation to be baptized as we shared the gospel.

Saturday I had got to help with a baptism that several sisters had had in our zone. I had interviewed a 17 year old girl to see if she was ready to be baptized. After she had asked that I baptize her. I did and it was a great baptize her and her brother and sister were able to covenant with God to follow him that day.

I know that the Lord lives. I know that we have a Savior. I know he allows us to go through trying times and tests to grow and learn. I am forever grateful for our Father in Heaven for letting me be tested and even more grateful that he has prepared a way that we as his children can pass the great mortal test. I am so blessed to know and understand the gospel. I know that as we are humble and we are obedient we will be blessed in the land. I know that obedience with exactness with bring about miracles in the lives of others and ours as well.
Elder Smith

We asked him about his companion:
His name is Elder Nina, he is from La Paz, Bolivia and he is a very humble person that has a very humble background.


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