December 18, 2017


Vinces, Ecuador


Elder Eldredge

No letter - just answer to questions

2. Are you able to participate in the 100 hours of proselytizing this week?
Monday I was taken to the hospital again and they took out 4 ingrowns. I wasn't able to participate until Friday. I tried doing what I could
3. Any update on your feet?
After the operation I have two more ingrowns.
4. Were you able to go to Belen's baptism?
Yes! It was awesome!
5. Are you doing anything for P-day?
We played basketball
6. How is your teaching pool there in Vinces?
It is getting big we have 15 people with baptismal dates and even with my ingrowns we are consistently finding more than 10 people each week! President wants us to start to work in another city where the have never worked missionaries!! It is called Salitre! We are going this week!
7. I love and miss you soooo much!!!!

8. Are all these ingrowns on the same toes?
I have had 14 operated and even more that weren`t operated on. I have had 17 in growns in all. All the operations are happening on the same two toes.

9. What did you end up doing when you couldn’t work?
We did lots of little projects to better the work. We created a flipbook of Christ to help investigators think of and see a representation of him. We also created a prgram to work with the branch that is a "guide" to their conversion. It is called "Ayudénos a ser bautizados"

Dad wants to know what the best tasting fruit you have had lately? Maracuya and Mangos. It is mango season in Ecuador right now. We can go to about any house and they will give us free mangos!!


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