November 20, 2017


Vinces, Ecuador


Elder Eldredge

Vinces Otra Vez!

Hey Everyone!!

This week has been a crazy week.

Tuesday we visited Belen and it was awesome. She is so ready to get baptised. She is so willing to follow Jesus Christ. She is really excited about getting baptized the 2 of December.

Wednesday we had District meeting. I gave the lesson on what is a baptismal Date, its relationship with repentance and how to prepare someone to accept one. It was phenomenal because of the strong spirit that was with us. I was able to give great advice to the assistants and the Sister Training Leaders. Later we recieved the news from President that my companion was going to go home that day and we should prepare his things. He went home Wednesday afternoon. Later President said I should go with a different missionary to work in his sector. His name is Elder Eldredge. His companion went home the same day. It is funny because we were going to be companions in the MTC in Mexico but my visa didn´t go through. It just turns out to be the same sector that I had in January. He told me that I would only stay there until Tuesday.

As far as my foot goes... I went to the hospital last week to get my toe checked out and it is infected pretty bad. I am walking with one sandal trying to work and on antibiotics.

Thursday I went to Vinces and I got to see familiar faces and people I know from when I served there. It was great.

Friday we did several more visits getting to know the sector. We are going to do lots of activities to find this week. It will be great.

Saturday we went to a city that missionaries have gone to work. It is a small town called Palenque. We found 6 people and we are going to be able to visit at least 5 families more the next time we go back.

Sunday we went to church and there were lots of members that said hi to me and it was so great to see them again. When I saw the branch president he came up to me and hugged me. He said he was so glad that I am back in his branch. He said whatever I need that he will be there to help. I told him about my situation how I was only going to stay until Tuesday. He told me he would call President Alarcón to ask that he keep me here. His wife referred to me as John the Baptist because when I was here the last time we found more or less 7 people that got baptized. She said I prepared the way for the other missionaries to baptize.

Today I recieved a call from President Alarcon saying that he is thinking about keeping me in Vinces. The ward I was in he said was not having success and he thinks that Vinces would be better for me. He said that he would let me go back to Guayaquil to grab the rest of my stuff and that he would let me go to Belen´s baptism!! I am so happy!!

Elder Smith


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