November 13, 2017




Elder Martinez


Hey Everyone,

Tuesday everything fell. All of the appointments we had fell except one. We walked a lot that day. We walked and got to know a part of the sector called Union y Progreso. It is a small area but we got to know a member there. She recommended that we visit a close friend who isn't a member. We have plans to go and contact him! Later we visited Belén and she continues to grow and she is reading what we leave and she marks all the parts that she likes in the Book of Mormon. We taught the Word of Wisdom which is a commandment that teaches what we need to consume and what not to consume. She accepted easily.

Wednesday it was basically the same story. All of the appointments fell through and we walked a lot. To finish the night we visited a member that gave us 4 references! We are going to contact them this week. We later helped our zone leaders prepare for a visit of a Seventy.

Thursday we went with Johnny Tama to start his family search account. He seemed really interested. It was a great experience.

Friday we visited a man named Rafael Gonzalez who wants to learn more about the Book of Mormon. We taught him about the plan God has for us and where we came from. It was a good lesson.

Saturday was a crazy day. We had Elder Montayo of the Area Presidency come and do a tour of the mission. He counseled us about the how we need to obey with exactness. He also expressed how we should not have fear to promise blessings in the name of Jesus Christ. He explained that us being the Lord´s servants he will justify what we say. I applied the principle later on during our visit with the Belen. We were going to commit her to live the law of tithing. She told us how she quit her job because it was not going to allow her to be baptized. I was stunned. I was so impressed by her faith. Later we taught her about the law of the tithe and we invited her to live the law. I promised her in the follow way: "As a representative of Jesus Christ I promise you in the name of Christ that if you pay your tithe that your family will be united again and that you will be able to have a job that won´t impede you from getting baptized nor will it impede you from serving God." The power that came was incredible. She committed to paying her tithing. The power that we have as missionaries is incredible.
What a blessing it is to have trials that allow us to have the opportunity to grow. I am so glad that the Lord gives me the opportunity to repent and get better. I am so glad he is letting me be a small part of His work here in Ecuador. I am grateful for the people he has put in my path that help me learn to love, to serve and to deepen my faith in Christ. He has given me so much and asks for so little. I know that as I excersize my faith that we can bring about miracles here. Whether those come in the form of baptisms or hard assignments it does not matter. Both will benefit both the people I serve and myself. I love my Savior. I can feel his love and understand more how much he loves me and those I serve. I love his children and desire that they might be saved. I know that he will continue to fill our lives with much joy.
I love and miss you all!


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