October 9, 2017




Elder Martinez

No letter - just answer to questions

1. It is almost your birthday!!! Is there anything that you want and/or need that we can send you? The Mission on the Fly people will be delivering again in November and December. Please let me know what you would like or need!!!!!! A: I am not to sure. I am in need of a charger for the camera. Also maybe a hair cutting kit and candy. I want to waste less time.

2. How are your feet holding up? Are the ingrowns staying away? Did they completely remove your whole toenail? If so, will it ever grow back? A: My feet are ok. I feel that I am going to get ingrowns again. They removed part of the root of my toenail. It was a very small part. I still have my toenail :)

3. What is your new companion like? He looks really tall in the pictures you sent. A: He is great. It is interesting to be on the other side. I is adjusting well and we have lots of plans and goals to bring many unto Christ. He will be a great missionary.

4. Who were the men that were baptized in your pictures? We didn't see any explanation. How awesome that you were able to baptize 2 more people! A: There were two men. One was with me and he looks like he is in his twenties. His name is Adrian Calle. The other was with his son. His name is Alex Blum

5. Are you getting to do anything fun for pday today? A: We went to a place called Parque historico. It is basically a zoo of animals found in Ecuador. My camera died so I couldn`t take any pictures

6. What is your new apartment like? A: It is so small. President came and inspected it and said we need to find a new house as soon as possible. My companion cannot fit in neither of the bathrooms comfortably.

7. How is your ward? Are they supportive of missionary work? A: It is a great ward from what we have seen. There hasn't been very much success in Missionary Work but it seems like we have a lot of potential. We had 4 investigators who we invited that came to church this Sunday. It was awesome to see. These members are anxious to work and help. We just need to carry out the plan we have placed to help.

8. Have you tried any new food in your area now that you are out in a new area? A: No it is all the same. We eat rice about everyday.

9. Are you sick of my questions? :) A: Never!

11. Pictures, pictures, pictures! :) :) :) A: :/

12. Love you!


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