October 2, 2017




Elder Martinez


Hey everyone,

This week has been fantastic. I have officially left the office and I am working in a sector a lot more. I am still helping the mission out in the office when they need help with the work they have but for the most part I am working I should be in my sector.

To give a brief update I am training a new missionary, and am in charge of helping, training and strengthening a district or a group of 8-10 missionaries, I am taking on a new sector that is one of the biggest that I know of, also I am supposed to help the office when they need help. I know that there is a lot on my plate but I feel confident about the trail that lies ahead. My companion and I are going to work hard. I am trying to be more like Jesus and have faith in him. If he gives me mountains to climb then I will climb them because I now it is for my best. I know that as I do it help him and God´s children. I know that as I look to give more than receive that I will be an instrument in God´s hand. I have realized when I am more focused on others and serving them that the spirit teaches me more. That testifies to me that what I receive is to bless the lives of others. I love my God, I love this work and I love his children. I know that he will give me more light as I walk in faith. As the scripture in D&C 50;24 says that we receive light upon light until it is like the perfect day. Right now my light is low but as I continue to do as the Lord asks and have faith he will work miracles in us. I leave this testimony of him and leave it in the name of my beloved brother Jesus Christ Amen.

Questions for Cam:
How is your area? A: It is huge! It is the biggest sector I have seen! It has a part below the temple until the airport. We are the only companionship here and I am confident and very positive about the future. We will be able to work much good among this people. This sector has not had much success with baptisms. I am excited to help to change that. I only know of one investigator that is "golden."

Was it hard to leave the office? A: Sort of... There is a phrase that Iike about the office. You can leave the office but the office can´t leave you. I have been called in to help a lot in the office. I have only had 3 hours in my sector.

How is it being a district leader? A: I am really confused because the zone leaders haven´t trained me yet. When I ask them questiones I don´t feel that it helps to much. I don´t feel like my training or knowledge will come from them. I believe that the Lord will give me what I need as I am pondering and have faith in him and have a desire to serve him and his children.

Were you able to watch General Conference? A: Yes the majority of it. I went to a baptism for Priesthood Session. It was awesome I love Sister Oscarson´s talk. I love the her way of thinking which is instead of looking to recieve look to give. I really needed a big reminder about that as I am opening a sector, training and being a District Leader.


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