October 6, 2015



Elder Stoeltzing

Last Letter from the MTC!

Saludos todos!

I hope you all have been good! Things have been great here in the DR this week as well! Today is my last P-Day in the DR! On Tuesday I ship out to the front to do what I was supposed to do! I'm really excited, scared nervous and anxious! Your prayers will be greatly needed and appreciated over the next couple of days as I again adjust to a new change. But I know that Heavenly Father and you all are with me! Onward, ever onward!

I was called as an Assistant to the President this last week and am now serving with Elder Stoeltzing and President Romney! One of my new duties is to organize our Sunday meetings. Dad, I think you'd be proud to know that I've successfully organized my first sacrament meeting. I've now got a little taste of what you do every week! I love serving as an AP! I love serving my Heavenly Father and want to be the best missionary I can for him!

So I neglected to tell you all about something major that was going to happen this past week in my last email. Last friday we all went out on splits into the field with Elders and Sisters that were serving in the West mission. So I got to go out and actually preach the gospel to real people in the real world and let me tell you...The DR is CRAZY cool!! I won't attempt to write it all but just give an overview!

We all got in a taxi and left the CCM and went to a church building in our area and there met our new companions. Elder Airmet and I were placed with a companionship together. He had Elder Kitchen and I had Elder Spencer. The funny thing was is that both of them were from Lehi! A bunch of Utah County kids preaching the Gospel in the Dominican Republic! How cool is that?
We rode the Subway to a stop called Los Tainos (yeah, they have a subway!) When we came up from the tube I felt like I was in a compeletly different world! People everywhere, cars honking, make shift booths on the sidewalk. It was amazingly crazy! I wish I could show you! From there we walked about a mile and got on a little flat bed truck. Here they call these buses and trucks 'gua gua's! So we got on this gua gua and rode to a section of the city called Los Arroyals. Little did I know at the time but this was the poorest section of my area. I was in culture shock. We walked down these small alleyways where houses were just errected wherever there was space. I happened to look to my right and saw what I describe as a mountanous sea of tin roofs. It's the kind of poverty you see in movies. We went and taught four sit down lessons in the homes of the people and for the first little bit I was having a hard time processing what it was I was seeing and the fact that this is what I would be in for two years. But as time went on and I bore testimony more frequently I began to love these conditions and people. I began to be comfortable. I bore testimony to a woman we were teaching about Nephi. We had just read the scripture " I will go and do...". In my somewhat decent spanish I related my feelings on the matter. In the middle of the lesson a mouse was trapped on a glue trap and started to squeak in the corner of her house! Crazy cool right?

That day was filled with so many experiences I wish I could share them all. I love my mission! I loved going to the poor like my Captain of Old. "We'll go to the poor like our captain of old and visit the weary the hungry and cold. We'll cheer up their hearts with the news that He bore and point them to Zion and life Evermore." That's my favorite missionary hymn now because that's exactly what I'm going to do every day and I'm so excited! I go back out tomorrow into the field. Prayers will be appreciated!

I love and miss you all! Have a good week and the next time you hear from me I'll be in the field! Oh, one more thing. Computers in the field are kind of sketch so bear with me over the next couple of weeks!

Things to pray for

- That I will adjust to my new life in the field
- That I will be blessed with the Spirit
- The Gift of Tongues
- The people I will teach!

Love you all and we'll talk next week!

Elder Olds


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