December 23, 2019


Carlisle, PA


Elder Hope

Christmas time, I guess...

Well, it's that time of the week again. I don't ever know how to start these things so let's just jump into it I guess.

Once again, we got to go on exchanges, this time with the Zone Leaders. I got to stay in Carlisle with Elder Groberg, who actually served in this area last year in September to January early this year, so it was like a homecoming for him. Elder Groberg is a pretty cool guy, we have pretty similar senses of humor. Plus, he had a lot of good knowledge of the area, more specifically on those people to avoid, so that was pretty sweet. Plus, I got two aggressive drivings instead of one, so that was pretty awesome. I totally deserved the first one, I almost missed a turn we needed and only skidded just a little bit. The second one was definately unjustified. It was one of those awkward situations where the light turns yellow, but you're too far away to speed through it yet too close to stop. I stopped, and while it wasn't the smoothest stop of my career, it was by no means an aggressive stop. I just think the Tiwi in our car doesn't like me. I jokingly said "aggressive driving" after we stopped, and not two seconds later Tiwi goes off. Rest in peace my driving career.

Jen and Doug are doing really good. They are that couple that's on date for January 4th, in case you don't read my emails but decided to read this one for some reason. They came to church yesterday and loved it, especially considering it was the Christmas meeting. Jen actually knew some people in our ward too, so that's pretty sweet too. I'm only a little worried because we haven't gotten to the Word of Wisdom yet and we know for a fact they drink wine, so that's going to be fun. I think they'll get over it though, they seem pretty ready to get dunked. I shall return and report when we do all that stuff.

The only other super exciting thing this week was Zone Conference. It was pretty sweet, especially since I actually knew some other missionaries and got to talk with them, so that was pretty fun. We had some great instructions on working with members, so that's my plug to y'all. Work with the missionaries, whether that's giving referrals, going out with them, or just being friends with their investigators/recent converts. When members are involved, convert retention is way higher. Besides that, Santa Mutombo came to visit all the way from Africa, so that was pretty exciting. I forgot to grab a picture with him, so sorry about that. D:
(President Mutombo is our mission president from the Democratic Republic of Congo, by the way. I don't know if I've ever mentioned him or not, now that I think about it).

Something cool I found in my studies this week was from Ether 2. This is the chaper in which the Lord instructs the brother of Jared to build a ship to sail to the promised land. The brother of Jared does, according to the commands of the Lord, but runs into three different problems. One: they don't have any air. Two: they can't steer. Three: there's no light. The brother of Jared inquires of the Lord about these three issues, and the Lord answers his prayers in a pattern that still rings true to us today. For the matter of the air, the Lord gives the brother of Jared instructions on how to solve that issue. For the problem of steering, the Lord tells the brother of Jared they he'll take care of it. In order to solve the issue of light, the Lord asks the brother of Jared what he thinks the Lord should do. All three of these answers still apply to the Lord today. Sometimes, He instructs us on what we need to do in order to solve an issue or receive an answer. Sometimes, the Lord gives us the peace of mind knowing that He'll make sure everything works out. Sometimes, and I would dare say most of the time, the Lord asks us to find a solution first and then inquire of the Lord. I promise you that the Lord is listening and does want to answer your questions and problems. Sometimes, He's just waiting for you to make a decision first.

That's all for know. Until next time, have a Merry Christmas and and that jazz.
- Elder Klepacz

- For all you 90s sitcom lovers out there.


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