December 2, 2019


Carlisle, PA


Elder Hope

Thanksgiving and stuff(ing)

Cameron Klepacz <>
Mon, Dec 2, 2019, 2:34 PM
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Hello friends and not friends, it's that time of the week again.

Well, not a lot happened this week. We did our usual thing of walking around, talking to some people, knocking on the doors of potential people, and so on and so forth. We had Thanksgiving at a member's house, which was delicious. They know how to cook. They had an onion that they put in the middle, and it was super good. Stuffing, the potatoes, the whole works. The only bad part was that sweet potato mash stuff. I didn't want any, but they just put a spoonful on my plate, so I had to choke it down, which wasn't particularly pleasant but I managed. It was a good time over there. Our mission president wanted us to work on Thanksgiving but not by knocking doors, so basically we wandered and called and stuff. We were also able to find a depressed guy and set up a time to meet at the library, but he never showed up, so oh well. To close our night, we were supposed to go visit some members who live on the military base, but we didn't take into account our locking ourselves out of our apartment. I lock the door behind me and close, and the second I close it, Elder Hope told me to wait, he left his keys. We tried our best to get into the apartment. We tried windows, the back door, walking down to the leasing office (closed for the next three days), and so on. Elder Hope's phone died, and he had the SIM, so we had to try to find a way to open my phone up, since the SIM card holder is one of those button releases on mine. We ask our neighbor if he has a paper clip, he gives us one and tries breaking in for us, but no luck. They give us the emergency number for after hours, and we call it and get a guy to come out. It only cost us 50 bucks cash, so awesome. In case you were wondering, I had lost the spare key literally the day before, so yeah. Good times in Carlisle.

Besides that whole fiasco, nothing too crazy this week. We have been able to set up a lot of return appointments for this week, so hopefully something good comes from that. Hopefully we get this one lady and her boyfriend to church on Sunday, and we found these two guys while looking for someone else who seem like they got potential. The one guy asked if we had a book for them, and boy did we ever. We're meeting with them tonight, so cross your fingers and say your prayers. Except for the few people, just a lot of rejection (as is the usual round here). Also people looking at you like you have three heads when you say hi to them, which is also pretty common up here.

A couple verses in the Book of Mormon have reminded me ofElder Bednar's talk from this past General Conference, in which he compares Satan's attack on us to a cheetah. As Elder Bednar shares, cheetahs are a predator the sprint in for the kill and catch their prey off guard. In Helaman 1:18 - 20, it talks about Coriantumr's speedy march into Zarahemla. He marched into there so speedily the Nephites had no time to rally an army and Zarahemla, AKA the capital city and supposedly best protected, fell in a matter of a few minutes. In 3rd Nephi 7:12 - 13, Jacob takes his band of wicked followers and marches with great haste, so much so that it "could not be impeded until they had gone forth out of the reach of the people." These two stories remind us that Satan attacks swiftly and harshly. If we aren't careful, he will come in, take the capital, then safely retreat and prepare for battle again when we rally our spiritual army. If we are always carefully watching, preparing, and stopping him before he is able to strengthen himself, we will always come out on top. Pray, read, and go to church consistantly with the intention and improving yourself and obeying God, and you'll always be ready, no matter the speed Satan may come at you.

Until next time, just wait I guess.
Elder Klepacz

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