November 12, 2019


Keyser, West Virginia


Elder Young


Good morrow ladies and gents, brothers and sisters, and every other title. This week was pretty fire, so let's just hit it. Also, our P Day was moved to Tuesday this week, so that's why it's a day late.

Monday: Nothing exciting

Tuesday: we went on splits with the branch president and the branch clerk. We went to Panderosa for dinner, which is this little yeehaw buffet place that's pretty good, then went to visit some people. We went over to a member's house and the clerk fell asleep at some point, so that was fun I guess. Also, a less active we had an appointment with didn't answer her door. If you never had the opportunity to serve a mission or have ever wondered what it's like, that's about the long and short of it.

Wednesday: we went on splits with the assistants, which wasn't as scary as I thought it would be. I was with Elder Musonda who hails from England, so that's pretty neato. We were able to find 4 people to teach, which was amazing, especially considering our teaching pool had tanked pretty hard. Elder Young and Elder Steenblik, the other assistant, were also able to find one person, so we got a grand total of 5. Prayers really are answered in mysterious ways. The one they found is probably the guy with the most potential. He was coming back from a dark place with all this anger at God, and said the verses from the Book of Mormon they left him really helped give him peace. He also called us angels when I met him, so that's pretty sweet. Three of my four weren't able to meet, but the one we are meeting today is super nice, and she absolutely loves her kids and being a mom, so that's basically what we'll focus on for her.

Thursday: we met that guy I was talking about, and we also talked to some potential people. Nothing much too exciting.

Friday: we just did our thing, as we do. We were able to give a blessing to a member, which was awesome.

Saturday: we did some service for our non member friends. I've probably talked about them before, but they're pretty sweet. They made a spicy chili and hot dogs, and it was super good.

Sunday: we gave talks in church, went down to this super nice neighborhood, and had dinner with our friends the Oliver's up in Cumberland. It's always a hoot and holler at their house, especially when their kids start acting up.

Monday (again): nothing much happened. Elder Young gave a baptismal interview to a guy the sisters are teaching, which was sweet.

Why did I do a day by day format this email? No particular reason, just because. Also, fun story, we met these crazy Brazilian people. The one guy stopped us and emphasized the he was an American citizen, but he had seen missionaries in Brazil before. He asked us if marriage was ordained of God, and we said yes, absolutely. We think he's going to go off about gay marriage, but then he asks if sex is a sin. We say not after marriage, then some lady comes up and tells us to stop listening to him. He's crazy, he's off his meds, all this stuff. He's telling us she's the crazy one, so we just peace out. It was so weird, but good times in Keyser.

Alma 36:4 - 5 reads
4 And I would not that ye think that I know of myself—not of the temporal but of the spiritual, not of the carnal mind but of God.
5 Now, behold, I say unto you, if I had not been born of God I should not have known these things; but God has, by the mouth of his holy angel, made these things known unto me, not of any worthiness of myself;
Only by God can we know of the truthfulness of the scriptures. We can study and debate all day, but that won't testify of truth. God doesn't speak by the carnal mind, but by the Spirit. I encourage you to read 1 Corinthians 2:10 - 14, which talks more about this. After reading, I challenge you to pray to your Heavenly Father and ask for the Spirit to testify to you.

Until next week, watch a movie for me. ;)
Elder Klepacz

Sorry, no pictures this week.


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