November 4, 2019


Keyser, West Virginia


Elder Young


Hello all, it's that time of the week again. Prepare thineself, it's going to be a bumpy ride (well, not really).

It's been an interesting week, to say the least. On Tuesday, we decided to bike to this area that was only a couple miles from our house, mainly because we were pretty much out of miles. We start going, and as we get to this one road, of course it's a steady incline. I'm dying as I'm pedaling up this hill, and Elder Young stops at this sign to let me catch up. I do and tell him to wait just a moment so I can catch my breath. I get off the bike and get hit with this wave of nausea, so Elder Young suggests we walk. We get about 10 feet before I see this wall and have to sit down, or I'm going to vomit. I sit down and get hit with what I'm calling a Wave of Death. I was super nauseous, I had a pounding headache, I just felt physically exhausted, and I swear I was phasing in and out of reality for about 5 minutes there. The wave passes and I get up and we walk pretty much the rest of the way until we hit this huge downhill section that was a lot of fun to go down, actually. We get to where we're going, and the people we wanted to visit don't answer, so we start heading home. We duck into Walmart and I grabbed a Powerade, and that actually helped my pounding headache quite a bit, so that was pretty neat (this email has been sponsored by Powerade). After, as we're riding back home (this time on the main road that's mostly flat), Elder Young straight up biffs it on his bike. He thought a school bus behind him was closer than it actually was, so he freaked out a little and his front tire went off the lip of the road and hit a gravel pile. He hit the brakes and flipped over his bike. He said the bike went flying over him and landed on the railing next to him. I was kinda far from him, so I just see him getting up and brushing himself off. All I'm thinking is "did he just crash his bike?" Yes, he did. After we got home, we decided we're done with bikes and will stick with the car and walking.

We've also had some issues with our house. On Wednesday, we went to our basement and found some mushrooms growing, as well as some mold. Sweet. We had to buy some mold killing stuff and scrub it down, which was just a hoot and holler. Then, on Halloween, it was super windy, so Trick or Treating was moved to Saturday. It was super dark and windy, so we just kinda chilled inside, organizing our notes and making calls and the like. When we woke up in the morning, part of the roofing on out car port had ripped up, so now there's just this strip of shingles hanging from the car port. Double sweet. We told our landlord people about it, but so far nothing has happened, so we'll see I guess.

On Saturday, we couldn't really go out because of Trick or Treating, so during that time, we sat down and called something like 50 people. It was quite the ordeal. Elder Young kept insisting that he was okay, he didn't need to switch, so I kept records while he called. I do not reccomend doing that, he looked absolutely dead by the end of our calling session. And only about 5 or so people answered, so it definitely wasn't ideal.

In Alma 20, Ammon rescues his brethren from the prison they had been cast into for preaching the gospel among the more wicked of the Lamanites. Verse 30 states that "And, as it happened, it was their lot to have fallen into the hands of a more hardened and a more stiff-necked people...". I've been reflecting on this verse a lot, partly because of the area I'm in right now. It's super slow and not a lot of interest is shown towards the gospel, but that isn't my fault of God's fault. I just so happened to get sent out to this slow area. Similarly, sometimes there's no reason why bad things happen to us. It's nobody's fault, it was just our lot to fall into a crappy situation. Remember to be diligent in praying and reading scriptures and stuff, and the Lord will help you get through any situation.

Until next week, don't crash your vehicle, whether it be bike or car.
Elder Klepacz

- The result of the windy night
- A sketchy piece of wood with weird demon baby handprints on it
- Zone Conference from last week (or 2 weeks ago? I don't know). I'm in the middle on the second row of elders, with the blue suit and red tie.


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