October 28, 2019


Keyser, West Virginia


Elder Young


Hey, what's up everyone. I'm coming back at you with another email. Only 92 more and you'll never have to read one again. This week was pretty similar to last week. Some stuff happened, but nothing too crazy.

Well, we found a new guy to teach, which is always sweet. We just stopped by some potential because that's what we do, and wouldn't you know it he let us right in. It was pretty sweet, we got to teach him a full restoration lesson and he enjoyed it, plus he told us he would read the introduction to the Book of Mormon. It was a really cool experience to be able to just sit down and teach without really having that expectation to. It really puts a good mood on the rest of the day. We also had the ward/group Trunk or Treat, which was pretty fun. Elder Young and I accidentally ate dinner before going up, but we were still able to get candy, so that must count for something. We were dressed up as 2 of the 3 Nephites, since we figured they would probably wear shirts and ties in the modern era.

We also had our Zone Conference. We were able to hear from Elder Haynie, who is the area seventy assigned to the Northeast area. He spoke a lot about exact obedience and giving all we've got, plus instructions on how to find and good methods for finding and stuff. What really stood out to me was when he said something along of the lines of "the tragedy of disobedience is going home the same as when you left." It's honestly pretty scary to imagine going home from devoting 2 years of my life to the Lord without having changed. That quote is a good quote to apply to our lives in general. If we aren't obedient to the commandments of the Lord, will we truly be ready to stand before God at the last day? Will we have changed and grown, as is our purpose in life, enough to make it back to our Heavenly Father?

Our little group also got officially organized into a branch. It was pretty cool to see. There was a great emphasis on growing the branch into a ward through member missionary work, which would be really cool to see that growth. I figure it's bound to happen soon, since the First Presidency approved it and all that, so we'll see.

Also, one of the weirdest things happened to us the other night. We were walking to an inactive member's house. Who lived a mile or two away. We were walking along what's called Main Street, which is really just a one-way that has a bunch of houses and goes through the quote on quote downtown of Keyser. As we were walking along the houses, some guy who had gotten in his car opened the door and called us over. He was telling us how he hadn't seen us in a while and stuff, so we explained that other missionaries had probably seen him before. We talked about the Bible and Book of Mormon and gave one to him, but then he realized it wasn't a Bible of something, so he gave it back and we said goodbye. You could tell he wasn't all there, so that's okay, whatever. When we got the "downtown" section, we saw this more or less homeless guy that we talked with a couple times and we see just around. I didn't see it, but Elder Young supposedly saw him selling drugs to someone, so good good I guess. We talked and walked, and he's going off about how he didn't get paid for the 8 hour work he put in and stuff. We felt sorry for him, but he didn't really specify what work he was doing, so we're thinking that it was something that was a little sketchy, so oh well. Then, after he walks off somewhere, some guy and girl come out of a restaurant or something. The woman stood in the corner of a vending machine out in the street and, with us literally 15 feet away, starts changing her shirt. She was waiting for us to pass so she could toss her shirt to the guy. She didn't give a flying heck who saw her. She was even facing the way the cars came down the road, so that's weird. Elder Young and I just walked in silence to the corner on the road, then looked at each other and started laughing. It was such a bizarre string of events, all within 5 minutes of each other, that we just lost our minds. After that, just a normal day. Good times in the mission.

Alma 7:23 - 24 is a great couple of verses on how to be a great missionary. It tells us to be humble, full of charity, constantly praying, etc. These qualities aren't unique to missionaries, of course. As disciples of Christ, we should exude these qualities. This isn't to say you will 100% be these things all the time, because you won't, but you should be striving for that. If you weren't so easy to be entreated yesterday (easily approachable or non judgmental), try to be just a little bit better today. As we constantly strive, Christ will reward us for that. That's something I need to work on, because I get super hard on myself for not being perfect, but I need to remind myself that those baby steps are all that counts. As I constantly strive for perfection, Christ will help me along the way.

Until next week, my lovlies,
Elder Klepacz

- This plaque made me laugh more than it probably should have.


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