October 15, 2019


Keyser, West Virginia


Elder Young

Tip top cheerio

Hello everyone, how goes it today? My email comes a day late because our P Day got moved to Tuesday. Why's that, you may ask? Because Monday was Columbus Day, and we Americans do love celebrating Columbus Day by still going to work and school. Oh well, that's what happens when you have a mission president from the Congo, an AP from England, and the other AP is in his last transfer. It's probably good, though, the schools around us just happened to be out on Monday, so we were able to teach a new convert family, which was pretty awesome.

So, what happened this week? Well, we had transfers. My new comp is Elder Young, a 5th great grandson of Brigham Young (through Brigham Young's 49th wife). He's a pretty cool dude. He's been out 8 or so months, and played lacrosse, so that's pretty cool.

We also met a crazy dude this week. We drove to an inactive member who lived some 30 minutes out of the way, up in this town in the mountains called Elk Garden. He was literally right on the edge of our area. We pull up to his house, which is pretty sketchy, and he lets us in. His house is filled with projects and inventions and stuff. He's a designer of some kind, so he always has projects and design projects and stuff. He told us that he designed a missile but the government took it, and also that he designed both a crash proof car/plane and that his brother got military patents on both. Okay man, whatever you say. He also had a bunch of pictures of his life all over the wall, which was kinda weird. He showed us two different pictures, one of him as a kid and another as an adult, and both pictures had this black smudge in the corner. He told us that it was the same UFO, so you know. He also has been studying with the Jehovah's Witnesses, so that's a big yikes from me.

One thing I've noticed from my personal studies this week is the parallelism that occurs between the Book of Mormon and today. For instance, Mosiah chapter 17 tells the story of the prophet Abinadi and how King Noah told him to either deny what he had been teaching or he'd put Abinadi to death by fire. Abinadi refused, basically telling King Noah that he is about to slay innocent blood (verses 9 and 10). After Abinadi is burned to death, verse 20 states that sealed the truth of his words with his blood. I don't know about you, but that sounds a lot like Joseph Smith, especially when compared with Elder Holland's October 2009 general conference talk "Safety for the Soul" (go give it a listen, it's probably one of the best talks ever given). In Mosiah 18, when Alma reestablishes the church in the land, verses 22 - 28 talk about the structure of the church. Basically, four factors of the church are missionary work, sabbath day observance, the law of tithing (giving more or less based on your income), and unpaid ministry. These are all aspects of the true Church of Christ. That's not to say these are the end all of the church, but all four practices established back then are in place nowadays, which helps testify of the truthfulness of our message that this is Christ's restored church on the Earth today.

That's all I got. Don't forget that Jesus loves you

- Gives a whole new meaning to the phrase "burn out".
- A nice hearty snack of croutons and off-brand Dr. Pepper (don't worry, my comp bought it, not me. I'm not that much of a weirdo).


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