October 7, 2019


Keyser, West Virginia


Elder Jackson

Yoyo Family

Hello everyone, it's me again, your favorite Klepacz missionary that served/is serving on the East Coast (unless there was a different Klepacz on the east coast I'm not remembering, in which case oopsie). Nothing too exciting happened this past week. We finally met this recent convert we've been trying to get in contact with all transfer (Elder Jackson didn't even meet her last transfer at all). She's pretty cool, I think she hasn't been coming to church because of work, but I'm not entirely sure. My only concern is she was more converted to the missionaries who baptized her than to Christ's church, but we're having wings on Tuesday with her, so at least there's that. We did service for these non-members who feed us every week, which was pretty fun. We washed their camper and had burgers. I haven't gotten a door slammed in my face yet, but we had one guy who opened his door angrily and told is he's not interested and to get off his porch, so baby steps I suppose.

General Conference was pretty awesome this time around. We weren't able to watch it with our one investigator, but it was still amazing. We watched it up at the Cumberland building on Saturday, then with some members named the Oliver's on Sunday. They have 4 kids, so that was a real hoot and holler. My favorite talks were Elder Bednar's on the cheetahs and topis, Elder Uchtdorf's on the adventure of mortality, Elder Gong's on covenants and ordinances, and Elder Peter M. Johnson's talk about how to fight the adversary. Of course, every talk was amazing in their own way, and I highly recommend listening to them again. Instead of listening to music while you work/drive or bingeing a TV show, try listening to a talk or two. I can promise it'll bless your life.

The only other exciting thing is we found out our transfer schedule. I will be staying here in Keyser, while Elder Jackson gets shipped off to Westminster for his last transfer. My follow up trainer will be Elder Young, whom neither of us know anything about, but I'm sure he's a stellar guy. I'll miss my father Elder Jackson (your trainer is your father), but I'm excited for the change and new perspective that will hopefully come during this transfer.

Today, I listened to a CES Devotional from 2014, titled "What is the Blueprint of Christ's Church?" by Tad R. Callister. The talk basically goes over all the parts that make up the blueprint of Christ's church, as outlined in the New Testament. Elder/Brother Callister emphasizes the fact that when you compare this blueprint to every single church, many have similarities and the same basic structure, but none follow the blueprint exactly except for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I highly highly recommend you give it a listen, it's straight fire and reaffirms my testimony that this is the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. However, no matter how powerful that talk may be, nothing comes close, in terms of determining truth, to the whisperings of the Spirit. As you sincerely seek to know the truth, the Spirit will testify to you the truthfulness of the church. The Holy Ghost has done it in many different ways for me, and I can promise he will do the same for you.

Well, that's all for now folks. Dippity doo, the church is true. Stay safe and spiritual out there in the scary world. 'Til next week,
Elder Klepacz

(I'm going to stop numbering the pictures, because the email always messes it up.)

- This cat straight up stopped in the middle of the road like that. It was like he was frozen in time or something.
- Us with the Oliver's
- Be thou as righteous as Elder Jackson receiving a beard of light.


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