September 23, 2019


Keyser, West Virginia


Elder Jackson

What It Is

What it is

Cameron Klepacz <>
Sep 23, 2019, 1:40 PM

No, the title isn't a typo, it's just a slang greeting term my companion and I say.

Well well, welcome back to my email. Glad you could make it. Nothing real exciting happened this week, just a week of hitting the pavement and being rejected. Of the three people we found last week, we were only able to teach one. One person wasn't home, and the other wasn't able to meet with us at that exact time. Jordan, the one we did meet with, is pretty cool. She is able to quickly grasp what we are teaching and it makes sense to her, which is good. However, I don't know if she really understands the impact of our message yet. That may have been our fault, since the lesson was a bit preachy and less discusional, but it was still a good lesson. Hopefully she really gets something out of the Book of Mormon and we're able to continue guiding her.

The two people who were recovering from surgery went okay. The one guy seemed really happy to see us and really enjoyed the message of the restoration, and told us he'd for sure come to church. Come Sunday, and as you probably guessed, he never showed. We had even gotten him a ride and everything. Hopefully something just happened and we can continue to meet with him. The other girl looked at us from the window and didn't answer the door, so I'm guessing she probably doesn't want to meet with us.

Well, nothing much else. We had a meeting with all the new missionaries and their trainers. It was pretty good, just the same stuff told a different way. Repetition is the way to learn, and it made me feel extra inspired for a few reasons, so that was cool. Plus, the Taco Bell in downtown Cumberland finally opened, so Elder Jackson was very ecstatic about that. We also went up this giant hill the other day, which dumped us into this nice, quiet area with only six or so houses. The view was gorgeous and we had a nice chat with a lady living in one of the houses. We almost forgot we were in Keyser until we saw about 20 or so empty beer cans in the bed of a truck. Can't really get much more yeehaw than that. I also taught Priesthood on Sunday on President Oakes' talk in the Priesthood session of last General Conference, called "Where Will This Lead?" It went good, the one guy with dementia only went off a few times.

2 Nephi 5:27 reads "And it came to pass that we lived after the manner of happiness."
Following the split of the Lamanites and the Nephites, Nephi speaks of his time leading the Nephites. The part of the verse that really sticks out is Nephi says they lived after THE manner of happiness. Not a manner of happiness, or their own personal manner of happiness, the manner of happiness. No matter what, living the restored gospel of Jesus Christ is the only way we can be truly happy. Sure, there are other things in the world that make us happy. It's even safe to say that there are things we do that make us happier in the moment. In the end, all those other ways mean absolutely nothing. Only by dwelling with God again can we be truly happy, and only by living the gospel of Jesus Christ, as outlined in the Bible and clarified in the Book of Mormon, can we dwell with God.

Until next week, don't forget to brush your teeth and read the Book of Mormon daily!
Elder Klepacz

1. A nice view, taken in Westernport (the town right next to Piedmont)
2. Our nice foggy drive to the meeting
3. The view atop the huge hill.


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