September 3, 2019


Keyser, West Virginia


Elder Jackson

Yeehaw brothers and sisters

Cameron Klepacz
Tue, Sep 3, 12:19 PM
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Well hey everyone, it's me again. My P Day got moved to a Tuesday instead of Monday this week, so that's why this is coming in a day late.

So, here I am in the field. My first area I'm serving in is Keyser, West Virginia. It's a small dumpy town just south of Cumberland, Maryland. There's a bridge leading into Keyser that goes over the Potomac River, and I'm pretty sure that's where the borderline is. If not, it's somewhere on the bridge. It is pretty yeehaw out here. Shirtless dudes walking around who probably shouldn't be shirtless, ride lawnmowers, and cigarette smoke in the air. The work here is super slow. We got 1 person we're actively teaching, 1 person reading the Book of Mormon, and a couple potentials. In addition, we don't even have a real ward or branch here. A group of 20 or so members meet together on Sunday, headed by a group leader. We're technically part of the Cumberland ward, but just an offshoot of it. There's a lot of contention whenever the group is shut down, and the group hopes to become a branch one day, so I'm guessing it'll stay as a group until there isn't even enough people for that.

Speaking of the church group, they're an interesting bunch. There's only 6 or 7 people below the age 50, maybe even 60. There's one brother who is starting to get dementia, and you can tell. My companion and I ran to the bathroom after Sacrament meeting, then came back to him ranting about how microphones work. I think the teacher (who is one of the young people) hadn't been using it because class hadn't started. Later, he raised his hand and was going on about how the teacher didn't care about our Salvation and wasn't saving us and whatnot. The teacher was super smooth, told him that his job was to facilitate conversations, not save people. After the ranting brother was over, the teacher said "That's not at all what I said, but thanks for your interpretation." Like I said, interesting bunch.

My trainer is Elder Jackson. He's a cool dude, but not a very good trainer. He isn't really motivated to do all that much for a couple reasons. This area is slow, he's already been here a transfer and feels like he did everything, and he's going home after next transfer. He is a good missionary though. I've seen his missionary side break out a few times when we're talking or teaching. He just doesn't get moving as much as I'd like to and think we ought to, but oh well. At least we don't sit around our house (we live in a dumpy little house, by the way) all day, twiddling our thumbs.

Other than that, I'm liking the mission. It's hard work and I'm not in love with it, but that love comes with time, so I'm just enduring to the end until I realize that love.

Mosiah 4:10 reads "And again, believe that ye must repent of your sins and forsake them, and humble yourselves before God; and ask in sincerity of heart that he would forgive you; and now, if you believe all these things see that ye do them." I really love the end that tells you to do the good things. If you believe in Jesus Christ, do the things he tells you. Doesn't matter if it's praying, going on a mission, going to church, or what. If Christ commands it, and you believe in Christ, do it. Even if you don't understand why or how, just do it.

Until next week, have a great week!
- Elder Klepacz

1. The Last Supper (of the MTC, that is).
2. Just a taste of the booming city of Keyser.
3. Elder Jackson and I. Yes, I complained about him, but he's still a great guy and a baller missionary when he wants to be. Plus, we're stuck with each other for a good while, so we need to have love and unity.
4. Yeehaw


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