August 24, 2019




Elder Craven

Boy Howdy

Hello everyone! Another week has gone by, and it's my last P-Day in the MTC. Time has gone by so quickly it's crazy. I felt like I just got here, and already I'm leaving. At the same time, I feel like I've been here for an eternity and I am ready to head out and start pounding the pavement. I leave on Tuesday at 4:45 AM (oof) and have a direct, 5 hour flight all the way to Baltimore. After that, I honestly have no idea what to expect. They give you about 3 steps in advance and then say "Good luck", so y'know.

It's honestly been a pretty typical week. The coolest thing that happened this week was when Elder Bednar came and spoke to us (if you don't know, Elder Bednar is one of the leaders of the church). He gave an awesome talk, probably one of the best I've heard. His talk was mainly how we need to stop worrying about whether the Spirit is talking to us or not. We need to just start going and trust we'll be guided by the Spirit to do that which is right. He shared two different stories that illustrated this fact. One time, he told his secretary that he absolutely needed to talk to a couple by Thursday next week in order to call them as mission president and mission president's companion. They lived in a neighboring state, so he figured he wouldn't see them for a bit. 40 minutes later, they were there in his office, being interviewed. They had just happened to have been coming to Salt Lake City to buy a truck and visit the temple, and had been on their way to the temple when they got the call. They had been acted on by the Spirit without even realizing it. In his second story, Elder Bednar shared the story of how every year, his family goes to a beach house. Every morning, a lot of his family goes for a run to the pier, then they all walk back together and talk. He emphasized that he has never missed this in 17 years. One time, he had gone running early because he stated that he gets slower as he gets older. He got to the pier, but noticed there was a storm, so he started heading back. As he was walking, family started passing by him. Instead of stopping and turning around, he kept walking. The entire time, he was thinking "What am I doing? Why aren't I turning around?" He kept walking as the storm started and lightning and thunder started going off. It was a nasty storm too; he shared how they even watched a tree get struck by lightning. Elder Bednar suddenly found two of his granddaughters, who had taken refuge under a building and were terrified out of their minds (they are both probably 10 or so). He had one of the granddaughters get up and share how she had prayed for help and how her grandpa showed up almost immediately after. Elder Bednar shared how he had been acting by the Spirit without even realizing it. He emphasized that most of the time, that' how the Spirit works. We shouldn't be looking for the Spirit as we're teaching or doing something, we should look back after the fact and recognize the Spirit.

Another fun thing that happened this week was one of our workshops. It was on how to work with referrals with members, and instead of being another boring sit down meeting where they threw words at our face, they put on a whole play. It was super entertaining and actually really funny. There was also a part that took place in the storm, and they rigged the lights to flicker light lightning. It was legitimately one of the coolest lighting things I've seen in a play before, and it wasn't even on a real stage or anything.

There's really nothing more exciting that happened this week. I turned 19 on the 22, but nothing special happened. The Sisters in the district did get me a little birthday gift, which was super sweet and made my smile, both inwardly and outwardly. As I said, I feel I'm not ready to leave to the actual field, but I'll never feel like I'm ready. I am ready to go out into the field and have faith that I will get ready, so that's really the most I can hope for. Speaking of faith, go read Alma 32:21. If you don't understand something, have a question, or feel afraid, just remember that you need to have faith that your question or concern will be answered. As Ether 12:6 states, you don't receive an answer until after your trial, so just keep on enduring.

Buenos dias,
Elder Klepacz

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