September 11, 2017




Elder Johnson

Hey Gang!

So this last week was pretty crazy!

It was pretty weird, when I started my mission I knew that one day almost all the missionaries I was serving with with one day go home. That day finally came! They all left this last week.

I would be lying if I didn't say it was super sad, saying goodbye to like half the mission! I wish them all the best. I definitely have some big shoes to fill. I look forward to the day when we can reunite and shout Hallelujah, and praise glory unto our God! If any of you missionaries are reading this just know I love you! #Brothers4eternity

In news of Hurricane IRMA, she didn't really effect Martinique. We just had some rain and it wasn't even that bad. Please pray for the members of St. Martin. The island and members were hit very hard and it will be a while before we have missionaries back in St. Martin.

But in other news, Elder Johnson is here with all the other missionaries (the reinforcements). They are all awesome and we are doing great. I've never had to work so hard.

We are both getting along great and are excited for this next transfer ensemble!

Well that's it for me. LOVE YOU ALL. Have a great week!
Elder Casady

1) Tis The season
2) Saying goodbye to my missionary Dad (Kurtis Ballard)
3) My son(Elder Johnson) with his Godfather, Jerome
4) A group photo of some of the best missionaries this world has ever seen.


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